Highland Ag MarketWatch Reaches the Fresh Produce Market as a Pro-Competitive Data and Insights Tool
Highland Ag MarketWatch is the first of its kind data analytics software that provides visibility into current market trends for marketers to make impactful data-driven decisions. This patent-pending software provides subscribers with an anonymous, aggregate view of market prices, inventories, reject rates and trends, while comparing individual performance metrics in a single application. To maintain a competitive global fresh produce market, data and information is updated every 30 minutes and is available to subscribers at any time.
Hortifrut in Chile indicates deterioration in plantations in the last 12 months for about 55 million dollars
The Hortifrut company informed the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) of a discrepancy with the representative of bondholders due to the deterioration in plantations in the last [...]
Peruvian agricultural exports would exceed US$ 10.000 million this year
This year, Peruvian agricultural exports (traditional + non-traditional) will exceed US$ 10.000 million, estimated the president of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Julio Pérez Alván, on the first day [...]
Corteva Agriscience signs agreement to acquire organic company Symborg
Execution of the strategy to accelerate the vision of becoming a leader in biological products; Offering Natural Options That Help Farmers Meet Changing Market Expectations.
How today's sizing and packaging solutions help blueberry processing plants become more competitive
The changes in the blueberry industry are posing new challenges to the companies that process this product. Currently they are subject to greater demands for improvement in both quantity and quality, but there are also solutions that allow both to be achieved. Joshua Miers-Jones, Blueberry Category Manager at TOMRA Food, explains.
Safety in Berries: viruses to the fore
According to the World Health Organization, Norovirus (WNV) and Hepatitis A virus (HAV) are the main viral pathogens responsible for ETAs (Foodborne Diseases) throughout [...]
UNITEC: the ideal partner to win addictive challenges in the global market
2021 is a year marked by great difficulties in the blueberry market, especially in terms of logistics and long distances due to problems related to the [...]
Opinion: The Danger of Inbreeding in the Blueberry Industry
We must never forget that the success of the blueberry spread throughout the world has been achieved in this way, collaboratively, transferring the maximum amount of information and knowledge regarding the different aspects of the crop, both in its agronomic and commercial phase, and considering everyone industry actors as protagonists with rights, at a higher or lower level.
Innovative technological application as a tool for managing the safety, quality and condition of berries
The commercialization of berries is a real challenge as they are highly perishable foods, with short periods of maturity and senescence. In general, the shelf life of berries is limited, due to softening and diseases of the fruits caused by fungi. Along with the global increase in the consumption of berries, Foodborne Diseases (ETAs) also increased, the causal agents being mainly identified: Norovirus and Salmonella.
BLUEBERRY VISION 3 FROM UNITEC: Constant research and innovation in the quality grading of blueberries
UNITEC, specialized in the design and implementation of innovative technological solutions for the process, calibration, quality classification and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, [...]