Produce blueberries in a pot or in a bag?
The complications of water resources and soil limitations, together with the growing demand for healthy foods, forces us as producers to adopt the best technologies to produce more "superfoods" [...]
The advantages of having access to data that allows your organization to execute operations in a timely and effective manner
Are you using all available tools to achieve sustainable improvement, while meeting consumer demand? The current lack of accurate and transparent data in the global fresh produce industry has hampered operational excellence in delivering quality fresh produce to consumers.
Achieving the full potential of new blueberry varieties: Pot + professional substrates
Peru is an indisputable success story worldwide, it started from scratch and in only 5 years it managed to become the undisputed King in the production of Blueberries, in [...]
Highland Ag Solutions to Feature Latest Fresh Produce Industry Data Analytics Software at IFPA
Highland Ag MarketWatch, the first data analytics software of its kind, provides never-before-seen Key Point Indicators that provide [...]
Listeria: strengthen your food safety plan with Oxyion Technology
The problem in managing the safety of pathogens such as Listeria is a daily challenge that must be addressed with the support of key technological tools such as the purification and sanitization service offered by Oxyion® Technology applications.
Substrates: an approach from the producer
The varieties of blueberries and vegetables increasingly demand more technology that allows them to exploit these crops to the maximum power. The medium where these plants will live = substrates [...]
Highland Ag MarketWatch Reaches the Fresh Produce Market as a Pro-Competitive Data and Insights Tool
Highland Ag MarketWatch is the first of its kind data analytics software that provides visibility into current market trends for marketers to make impactful data-driven decisions. This patent-pending software provides subscribers with an anonymous, aggregate view of market prices, inventories, reject rates and trends, while comparing individual performance metrics in a single application. To maintain a competitive global fresh produce market, data and information is updated every 30 minutes and is available to subscribers at any time.
Hortifrut in Chile indicates deterioration in plantations in the last 12 months for about 55 million dollars
The Hortifrut company informed the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) of a discrepancy with the representative of bondholders due to the deterioration in plantations in the last [...]
Peruvian agricultural exports would exceed US$ 10.000 million this year
This year, Peruvian agricultural exports (traditional + non-traditional) will exceed US$ 10.000 million, estimated the president of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Julio Pérez Alván, on the first day [...]
Corteva Agriscience signs agreement to acquire organic company Symborg
Execution of the strategy to accelerate the vision of becoming a leader in biological products; Offering Natural Options That Help Farmers Meet Changing Market Expectations.