Monday, January 27, 2020 / Week 05


Opinion: Blueberries from 2019 to 2020: the turning point

The year 2019 will be considered as the year in which the world blueberry industry began a new trajectory. 2020 will be the year in ...

Spain: Ultimate protocols for berries to reach India

The Huelva Association of Strawberry Producers and Exporters of Huelva, Freshuelva, continues to work on opening new markets for Huelva berries beyond ...


Fruit Logistica 2020

All contacts, customers, business partners and inspiring ideas in one place: 3.200 exhibitors and more than 78.000 professional visitors took advantage of FRUIT ...

Agriculture and Technology Summit 2020

It's about the experience. Attending the AgriTech series of events in person provides a shocking experience that cannot be achieved by reading ...

Blueberries TV

Chile 2020 Seminar