Saturday 19 of October of 2019 / Week 42

The interest of the large, medium and small markets of the world take for granted the growing popularity of cranberry, a fruit that, practically universal, looks increasingly attractive among its consumers, this thanks to its medicinal properties and its high nutritional content.

Against the background of growth, both in production and demand for this item, Peru has managed to move its chips well to be profiled as one of the most important blueberry growers in the Latin American region.
Such efforts have already made it an attractive investment destination, as well as a solidification in its export base of berries over a period of less than ten years.
Peru has a capacity of 8.500 hectares for the harvest of blueberries.
Until 2017 contributed the 6% of the world production of blueberries.

Its climate conditions allow it to have planting periods a little shorter compared to other countries in the region.
The projection of Peruvian blueberry harvest is 150 million kilos per year for the 2023 year.

Objectives of the Tour

The technical tour by areas of northern and southern Peru, such as Trujillo, Lima - ICA, Cañete, Pisco and Lima, has the purpose of bringing to the front, and firsthand, the processes and techniques used in the Andean nation to Prepare a product with export quality.

In Trujillo 2 farms of high productive level will be visited in the most important zone of blueberry production in Peru. You will see different varieties and production systems. In Lima, the Hydroponics Research Center of the La Molina Agrarian University will be visited. In Cañete, the nursery of the international company Fall Creek will be visited and in Pisco-Ica, a farm will be visited under saline conditions.


Tour photos