The cultivation of blueberries continues to grow because it enjoys high global demand for its qualities of healthy food.

Chile is located in the southern hemisphere and has exceptional soil and climate conditions for the cultivation of a wide variety of varieties, making it a very good scenario to observe the cultivation of this fruit. In addition to the above, there are more reasons to visit Chilean crops:

  • Chile is today the main exporter of fresh fruit in the southern hemisphere and has commercial networks in more than 100 countries in the world.
  • Today it is the second largest producer of fresh blueberries in the world and its supply is the most relevant in the southern hemisphere.
  • It produces blueberries from the semi-desert north to the southern south.
  • It has 20.000 hectares planted with blueberries, outdoors and indoors.
  • Its industry has more than 30 years of experience in blueberry cultivation.
  • A large number of varieties are grown, in an organic and conventional manner.
  • Their plantations are developed both on soil and on substrates.

In the technical-commercial tour you will travel through south-central Chile, living the entire production process in its pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest stages. Nurseries, micropropagation laboratory, cold plant and packaging processes will be visited. This tour seeks to show everything you need to know about the blueberry industry.

Objectives of the Tour

This activity has as main objective to know in situ the reality of the crop and share experiences and information with various actors, in addition to knowing the different management techniques and the advances and innovations that have been developed in the country.

The technical tour of central-southern areas of Chile, such as Chillán, Cauquenes, Linares, Chimbarongo, Curacaví and Hijuelas, aims to bring to the forefront, and first hand, the processes and techniques used in Chile to produce a product With export quality.

Tour photos