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First day Wednesday March 08, 2023




07 - 15 p.m. CET Accreditation
08 - 15 p.m. CET Welcome words
08 - 30 p.m. CET Peru's leadership in the global blueberry industry Fernando Cilloniz

ENG. Economic, Entrepreneur

and Peruvian politician

09 - 00 p.m. CET Report on the Peruvian blueberry industry louis miguel vegas

General Manager


09 - 30 p.m. CET Challenges to be faced in the Peruvian and global blueberry industry Ricardo Polís

Regional Director of South America

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc.

10 - 00 p.m. CET Round of questions
10 - 20 p.m. CET Coffee Break
11 - 20 p.m. CET Analysis of arrivals of Peruvian fruit to different markets: main problems of the last season Ignacio Santibanez


QIMA Produces

11 - 50 p.m. CET The importance of transport logistics from origin to destination: Containers and chamber ships Jose Monastery

ENG. AGR. Quality and Postharvest Manager

Frusan SA

12 - 30 p.m. CET Question Round
12 - 40 p.m. CET International Expert Ceremony Irrigation and Nutrition in Blueberries
13 - 00 p.m. CET Blueberry varietal alternatives for Peru: news and evaluations by productive area Julio Zavala

Commercial Manager Peru Colombia & Ecuador

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery

13 - 20 p.m. CET Ricardo Sumar

Genetics Business Unit Manager

Inka's Berries

13 - 40 p.m. CET Lunch.
15 - 00 p.m. CET Blueberry varietal alternatives for Peru: news and evaluations by productive area María Pérez

Blueberry R&D Manager Program


15 - 20 p.m. CET Lucia Corbetto

Founding Partner

Osiris Plant Management

15 - 40 p.m. CET Patricio Muñoz

Leader of University Florida Blueberry Breeding Program

Horticultural Sciences Department IFAS

16 - 00 p.m. CET Question Round
16 - 20 p.m. CET Coffee Break
17 - 00 p.m. CET Analysis of profitability and costs associated with the production of blueberries: the importance of genetics John Paul Bentin

Ing. Agr. MBA.

Production manager

Family Farms Peru

17 - 40 p.m. CET Guest crop: Cherry production in Peru, opportunities and challenges To be confirmed

specialist adviser

in cherry trees

18 - 20 p.m. CET Question Round
18 - 30 p.m. CET COCKTAIL
Second day Thursday March 09, 2023




08 - 00 p.m. CET Accreditation
08 - 20 p.m. CET Welcome words
08 - 30 p.m. CET Foliar applications in blueberries: improvements in yield and fruit quality Lisa DeVetter

Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture

Washington State University NWREC and Everett

09 - 15 p.m. CET Pollination: scientific knowledge and technologies to increase yield in blueberries Matias Viel

Founder & CEO


10 - 00 p.m. CET Question Round
10 - 20 p.m. CET Coffee Break
11 - 30 p.m. CET Monitoring pests in blueberries: alternatives to reduce costs of phytosanitary programs and increase sustainability Eugenio Lopez

ENG. AGR. MS.c. biological

P. Catholic University of Valparaíso Chile

12 - 10 p.m. CET Use of biostimulants in blueberries: alternatives to improve the quality attributes of the fruit Prometheus Sánchez G.

Ing. Agr. MS. Ph.D. Agricultural Sciences - President

Mexican Society of Plant Nutrition AC

13 - 00 p.m. CET Round of questions
13 - 25 p.m. CET Closing the event
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News XXIV Seminar Peru 2023
The good use of plastic mulches in intensive agriculture

Weed control, increased soil temperature and water savings are some of the benefits they bring to the crop.

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