Highland Ag MarketWatch Reaches the Fresh Produce Market as a Pro-Competitive Data and Insights Tool

Highland Ag MarketWatch is the first of its kind data analytics software that provides visibility into current market trends for marketers to make impactful data-driven decisions. This patent-pending software provides subscribers with an anonymous, aggregate view of market prices, inventories, reject rates and trends, while comparing individual performance metrics in a single application. To maintain a competitive global fresh produce market, data and information is updated every 30 minutes and is available to subscribers at any time.

In today's global agricultural products market, one thing is clear: "There is a need for innovation and technology to help producers and marketers see everything that is happening in their markets in real time, on one screen to make more reliable and secure decisions,” says Justin Machell, CEO of Highland Ag Solutions.

At Highland, we recognize the impact data will have transactional through ERP integrations into market performance metrics for agricultural businesses. Over the past four years, Highland has built a solution by collaborating with industry experts and stakeholders to develop a revolutionary new software platform that answers the complex questions of understanding data in the marketplace. of fresh products:

  • Would knowing how your operation compares to the industry, with access to never-before-seen KPIs, transform your independent decision-making?
  • Is your business struggling to trust the data sources you currently have?
  • Are your team members bouncing from one spreadsheet to another app to see actionable business data?
  • Have you struggled to keep input costs low around freight and could benefit from looking at average freight rates by product and region?

The lack of accurate and transparent data has hampered operational excellence and efficiency, limiting the potential to deliver the best quality fresh produce to consumers. “The data age is here, and our response to it is our destiny” – Aimee Smith, Director of Sales at Highland Ag Solutions

“Everything we build at Highland comes from a problem we've heard about, and it's not just one person telling us about it, but it's a problem we hear repeatedly,” Smith says. “Highland Ag MarketWatch is changing the global fresh produce business, with insights to make significantly better decisions.” Check out the Highland Ag Market brochure.

About Highland Ag Solutions 

Highland Ag Solutions offers digital solutions for food safety, compliance and data management through a virtual ecosystem called Highland Hub. The introduction of Highland Ag MarketWatch to the Highland Ag product suite is another advancement in agricultural technology now available to the fresh produce industry.

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