08 of June, Hyatt Hotel of Guadalajara


A year ago we said that a very good conversation began in Guadalajara, which would probably last for a long time ... and this was demonstrated on June 8 on the occasion of the 6th International Seminar "Cranberry industry in Mexico: New challenges, new opportunities”, Which was held at the Hyatt Regency Andares Hotel in Guadalajara.

To the more than 320 producers, exporters, technicians or advisers - Mexican and foreign - who actively participated in each of the moments of the meeting, we must add the great support of more than 50 Mexican and international companies, of the most diverse services, who sponsored, sponsored and supported the initiative, even surpassing the success of the previous year's meeting, not only because of the massive attendance and participation, but also because of the high level of the topics covered, the relevance of the contents, and the quality of the researchers and experts who reported on the occasion.

Guadalajara has concluded, and the journey through the industry has begun, continuing in Peru and continuing on June 28 in Tucumán, Argentina. What is coming is to continue strengthening the ties of the Latin American blueberry industry to end this long journey on November 09 in Huelva, Spain.


Current situation of blueberry production in Mexico and influence of potential competitorsMr. Juan Carlos Cabrera
Director of Planning and Nurseries
Projections of the Mexican blueberry in the USA and opportunities in the Asian marketMr. Colin Fain
Founder and CEO
International Consultant
Problems and challenges of blueberry production in hydroponics: local experiencesMr. José Antonio González
Ing. Agr. M.Sc.
Manager at AGQ Labs & Tech México
Criteria for choosing a suitable substrate for blueberries. Physical, chemical and biological propertiesMr. Tomás Gallardo
Ing. Agr. M.Sc.
AGQ Chile.
Hydroponic crops advisor
Fertigation irrigation in hydroponics: relationships for proper nutritionMr. Iván Frutos. Ph.D.
International Technical Director, Agronomy Area. AGQ Labs.
Use of technology to control the production process in protected cropsMr. Victor Rangel
Business Administration Lic.
CEO Invest them.
Description of varieties of technical-commercial interest for MexicoMs. Karen Ruiz
Licensed in biology
Representative and technical support,
Fall Creek Mexico
Main pests and diseases of importance in Mexico and control measuresMr. Douglas Rodríguez
Lic. Microb. MS. Ph.D.
Crop protection specialist
Driscoll's Mexico
Pruning in blueberries:
bases and management to obtain quality fruit
Mr. Jorge Retamales
Ing. Agr. MS. Ph.D.
U of Talca
International Consultant
Preparing access to new markets: use of post-harvest technologies in fresh blueberries destined for distant marketsMr. Bruno Defilippi
Ing. Agr. Ph.D.
Researcher INIA, Chile
International Consultant

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