Substrates: an approach from the producer

The varieties of blueberries and vegetables increasingly demand more technology that allows them to exploit these crops to the maximum power.

The environment where these plants will live = substrates is a key piece for the development of the crop. Coconut fiber has proven to be an ideal organic medium to produce high-value crops that allow growers to manipulate their management, according to their needs, just like an artist when he is going to paint a work of art and needs a blank canvas. 

But, although the virtues and benefits of the coconut substrate alone are numerous, as producers we can take measures and establish practices that allow us to get the most out of the substrate and be able to understand it more completely.

This is what we will address in our next free webinar, in which, jointly, Raúl Mercado and Frank Chávez, co-founders of Agroheroes, will share a talk on the coconut fiber substrate from the perspective of a producer:

  • Reception of materials
  • Individualization of the material for placement in pots or bags.
  • Proper Moisturizing (Hydration) and How to Boost It
  • Best practices for homogeneity in the application of the substrate.
  • The importance of the retention curve in the substrate
  • readily available water 
  • Myths and realities of coconut fiber

The appointment is Thursday, October 20, at 17:00 p.m. (GMT-5). (Check our social networks to sign up for free).

Raúl Mercado is a researcher and producer in the north of Mexico, in the state of Sinaloa, being the third generation of farmers in his family. He co-founder of DIDIHU and Agroheroes.

Frank Chávez is a pioneer and promoter in the production of coconut substrate in Mexico, for almost 30 years he has been dedicated to fiber research, having multiple plants in the Mexican Republic. He co-founder of Patromex and Agroheroes.

Agroheroes: a new force in substrates

After several years working as a team, Patromex and DIDIHU decide to go one step further. To strengthen their alliance, they create a new company called: AGROHEROES, which will transform Mexican coconut fiber with technology into value-added substrates with the best quality for the world of professional producers.

“Since I met Frank I have seen him as my mentor. The passion that he gives to the product, the great experience of it, but above all, the fact that we share the same values ​​has made it possible for us to understand each other perfectly, he is transparent, professional and generous. He has an impressive work ethic, he doesn't stop working all day and, although he is 70 years old, he has more energy than a 25-year-old”, highlights Raúl.

The trust and respect that exists between the two parties is palpable: “Raúl and I have the same vision, the same ideals, he is a very honest and valuable person, we have a lot in common; but not only do we complement each other as people, but also with our respective companies: Patromex has a lot of experience in the production part, while DIDIHU has a lot of strength in its commercial and marketing arm. We make a great team”, says Frank.

Meeting new producers, learning from them and helping them achieve success, as well as knowing that they are contributing their grain of sand to making the world more sustainable, is what motivates both Frank and Raúl to formalize this partnership and face the challenges together. challenges that arise.

We invite you to stay tuned on DIDIHU (@wearedidihu) social networks because throughout the month of November we will be organizing different free online seminars.

For more information:

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