Mexican producers packed the offices of Terraza Andares, in Guadalajara, on the occasion of the 4th International Seminar, “The cultivation of blueberries in Mexico: Technical analysis, productive management and commercial development”, organized by Blueberries Consulting and AGQ Labs & Technological Services.

Among the more than three hundred attendees, the local producers stood out actively participating in the different topics, taking notes, recording with their electronic devices and sharing experiences in the moments of coffee, meals, and even making long conversations once everything had concluded .

The meeting was a success from every point of view, not only for the massive attendance and participation, but for the high level of the topics discussed, very useful for all who attended the meeting, those who noted their recognition of the good organization and the high level and relevance of the contents.

A very good conversation started in Guadalajara, which will probably last for a long time ...

Perspectives of the North American berry market: Challenges and opportunities for Mexico.Mr. Miguel Curiel. M.Sc. Industrial Engineer. Deputy General Manager, Driscoll's Operations.
Edafoclimatic needs of blueberry cultivation. Design and establishment of orchards.Mr. Jorge Retamales. MS.Ph.D. Agronomist, University of Talca, Chile.
Nutrition and fertigation. Diagnosis of the nutritional status of plants. Nutritional requirement of the crop.Mr. Gonzalo Allendes. Agricultural engineer. Agronomy South America Technical Director. Plant nutrition consultant. AGQ Labs.
Management of pests and diseases in blueberry cultivation.Mr. Juan Manuel Manqueros. Agronomy Michoacán. AGQ Labs & Tech Mexico
Uses of phytosanitary and trends in the cultivation of blueberries.Mr. Miguel Valero. Agronomist, MBA. Agrifood Corporate Director. AGQ Tech Corporate.
Commercial opportunities and competitive advantages of Mexican blueberry production.Mr. Francisco Ortiz Esquivel. Degree in economics. Skill in administration. Chairman of the Berries Paradise Council.
Outstanding experiences: How to add value to blueberriesMr. Joaquín Lancaster-Jones González. Representative of the Agricultural Council of Jalisco.
Local experiences: High level of production in blueberries.Mr. Rafael Vega del Río. Agricultural engineer. Commercial Executive Biotechnological Agribusiness
Breaking down myths in blueberry cultivation: Nitrogen (ammonium / nitrate), pH, root growth, substrates, irrigation rates, among others.Mr. Iván Frutos. Ph.D. International Technical Director, Agronomy Area. AGQ Labs.
Physiological basis for pruning: Why, for what, how and when.Mr. Jorge Retamales. MS.Ph.D. Agronomist, University of Talca, Chile.
Pre-harvest and post-harvest factors that determine the obtaining of quality blueberries.Mr. Bruno Defilippi. Ph.D. Agricultural engineer. INIA researcher, Chile.
Organic blueberry production. Bases and handles.Mr. Fernando Dueñas. Agricultural engineer. Western Agronomy Manager. AGQ Labs & Tech Mexico.
The role of Mexico in the global supply of blueberries and the importance of genetics.Mr. Jeffrey Ford. Commercial Manager of Fallcreek Mexico and Latin America.