Hundreds of producers and various actors of the Peruvian blueberry industry are at the JW Marriott in Lima, on August 4, on the occasion of the 5th International Seminar "Peru and the blueberry industry: Towards technical, productive consolidation and commercial ”.

It was a meeting that had the characteristic of closing the cycle of International Seminars organized by Blueberries Consulting and AGQ Labs & Technological Services, which began in Chile on April 28, and continued in Guadalajara in a double session on June 28 and 29.

Lima was the perfect closure, due to the high level of the issues discussed and because we noted the remarkable development of the Peruvian blueberry industry, with a growth rate that can make Peru one of the important players in the international market.

We appreciate the great reception in Lima, both from the private world and from the public apparatus, which have always been very receptive to sharing new knowledge and information regarding the industry, which is the main objective of our international events.

A long and good conversation ended in Lima, which we will surely return to in the short term and to which we leave guests.

Origins, development and factors that explain the growth of the Peruvian blueberry industry.Mr. Alfonso Velásquez T. Economics Engineer. Executive President Sierra Exportadora.
Current situation and perspectives of the blueberry industry in Peru.Mr. Federico Beltrán. General Manager of Terra Bussines SAC.
Development of a strategy for the entry of the Peruvian blueberry into international markets.Mr. Rodrigo Manasevich. Commercial Engineer Founder and Executive Director. You use
The role of Peru in the global supply of blueberries and the importance of genetics.Mr. Jeffrey Ford. Commercial Manager of Fallcreek Mexico and Latin America
Pests and diseases of importance in the production of blueberries in Peru. Mr. Victor Pampa Huamani. Agricultural engineer. Specialist in Plant Health. SENASA
Breaking myths in blueberry cultivation. Agricultural strategies for productive success.Mr. Iván Frutos. Ph.D. International Technical Director, Agronomy Area. AGQ Labs.
New experiences and research: Increase in yield and fruit quality.Mr. Gustavo Lobos. Ph.D. Agronomist from the University of Talca.
Requirements and strategies in nutritional management in blueberry cultivation in Peru.Ing. José Miguel Vizcarra C. Agronomy Manager. AGQ Peru SAC.
Firmness, size and consistency in blueberry fruits: importance of proper nutrition.Mr. Gonzalo Allendes. Agronomist. Agronomy South America Technical Director. Plant nutrition consultant. AGQ Labs.
Use of post-harvest technologies (AC, AM and SO2) in fresh blueberries destined for distant markets.Mr. Sebastián Rivera Smith. Agronomist M.Sc. Postharvest Researcher, INIA - Chile.