In the Commercial Technical Tour the south-central Jalisco, farms in full production, packaging processes, technical talks, nurseries and a research center where the area of ​​plant technology (protocols and plant production), the work they do with biological fertilizers and the technology area will be visited food and laboratory (extraction of antioxidants and cranberry dyes).

This meeting includes access and participation in the XVI International Seminar of Blueberries Mexico 2019 that will take place in the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental de Guadalajara, el And May 30 31, complementary and conducive instance to train on the cultivation of blueberries.

Objectives of the Tour

This activity has as main objective to know , the reality of cultivation and sharing experiences and information with various actors, as well as knowing the different management techniques and the advances and innovations that have been developed in the country.

The technical tour of the South Central de Jalisco, such as Guadalajara, Ciudad Guzmán, Tala, Zapopan, aims to bring to the forefront, and first hand, the processes and techniques used in Mexico to produce a product with export quality.

The cultivation of blueberries continues to grow rapidly because it enjoys great global demand for its qualities of healthy food.

Mexico has all the technology and quality human resources to produce them, its climatic diversity and its proximity to the United States market allow it to be an increasingly important actor in the international arena.

While the United States is the main export destination, Mexican blueberries were also exported to Japan, China, Singapore, the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and will soon arrive in the United Kingdom. In just 6 years the number of destinations doubled, going from 18 to 30 countries in Europe, Asia and America, according to the Agri-Food Atlas 2012-2018.

For our Cranberry Commercial Technical Tour Mexico 2019, the analysis area will be Jalisco due to the productive importance it represents for the country. Mexico is characterized by indoor or outdoor production, a large number of varieties are cultivated, conventionally and organically, and its plantations are developed both in soil and in pots - substrates. Other areas of importance in the production of Mexican blueberries are those of Michoacán, Sinaloa, Baja California, Colima, Puebla and Guanajuato.

Tour photos