The Mexican Berries Paradise and Agrovision Peru join forces to market their berries directly in North America
Complete control of the supply chain optimizes the speed of fruit delivery to the consumer and ensures fresher fruit, seeking to maximize performance in the berry category.
"Berries are already the most exported product in Mexico, surpassing beer and avocado"
The opening day was attended by the main leaders of organizations and institutions linked to agriculture.
Hortifrut sells a 75% stake in fields in Olmos, Peru, to a strategic partner for nearly US$90 million
Santiago, May 25, 2022.- Hortifrut, the world's leading business platform in the production and marketing of fresh and frozen berries, reported today that it has completed the sale of [...]
The Austral Blueberries continue to conquer the world despite the obstacles
In recent years, the blueberry has registered an explosive growth throughout the world and especially in the southern hemisphere. The volumes exported by the southern countries passed in [...]
Sea and air freight rates remain the same, but there are signs that they could begin to fall
Port closures in China could bring limited relief from congested USWC and USEC ports.
SAVRpak Launches Innovative Shelf Life Extension Solution
The company said its moisture control technology can triple the shelf life of berries, leafy greens and cucumbers.
Spain: The heat endangers the end of the red fruit campaign in Huelva
High temperatures accelerate ripening, which has a negative impact on the preservation of the fruit and lowers prices due to market saturation.
World Bee Day focuses on protecting pollinators
Governments, farmers, consumers and agtech startups all have a role to play in reversing bee colony loss.
Battle lines drawn for shipping rate showdown
South African citrus growers seek cooperation with other industries to control product shipments and offset sharp freight increases
Westfalia boosts green credentials by obtaining Carbon Neutral accreditation
The multinational aims to be 'carbon neutral for life' by 2049 as part of a wide-ranging sustainability strategy.