Zimbabwe blueberry growers seek access to Chinese market
On a farm in Marondera, about 80 kilometers east of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, blueberries ripen in May. The workers carefully pick the plump berries and [...]
The berry industry in Mexico continues to grow despite the challenges
This season, the berry industry is expected to grow less than the expected 15%, although its growth would remain in double digits.
Revolutionizing hydroponic berry irrigation – the 3-in-1 solution
In the ever-evolving landscape of berry farming, innovation takes center stage as growers strive for higher yields, optimal health and [...]
Polisur and Freshuelva launch a mechatronics training program
The Polisur and Freshuelva school workshop presents the first call for its free courses on precision and high efficiency in mechatronics, integrated by mechanical engineering, electronics, computing and its control. Designed […]
Many actors guarantee the availability of blueberries in the US.
Blueberry cultivation is widespread throughout the United States, with commercial production present in 26 states. Most of this production, more than 98%, is concentrated in [...]
US blueberries get a $1,3 million boost
US Highbush Blueberry Council receives US$1,3 million from Regional Agricultural Promotion Program
Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Blueberry Monitoring
A notable example is the innovative project developed by Cristhian Aguilera, Electronic Civil Engineer and Doctor in Engineering Sciences from the University of Bío-Bío (UBB).
«The high demand for blueberries is due to the strong supply and high quality»
After a smooth transition from South America, blueberry production has moved to North America. «There have been no interruptions between the growing regions and our strategic partners of [...]
In Guadalajara we will address new opportunities for the berry industry
We will be able to know the latest updated data on the industry in its different factors, both productive yields or volumes, as well as profitability and commercialization of the fruit, addressing in detail the impact of new genetics on these variables.
Devastating frosts cause significant losses of blueberries in Ukraine
Ukrainian farmers are facing a serious setback this spring due to extraordinary weather conditions. The persistent night frosts are about to wipe out almost half of the [...]