Pollination of blueberry with bees, subject of a scientific publication
The Doctor in Biological Sciences Pablo Cavigliasso, INTA Concordia Researcher and member of the INTA Beekeeping Program (PROAPI), published in the Scientific Reports Magazine the article entitled “Precision management of pollination services for blueberry crops”. This work was co-authored by Negri, P .; Viel, M .; Graziani, MM; Challiol, C .; Bello, F. & Saez, A.
The attractive invitation of Blueberries Consulting to participate in the "World Blueberry Tour"
"The cultivation of blueberries lives a reality that is very widespread on the planet and deserves to know in the most direct way possible the current state of its industry in the different countries and regions in which it is present"
The blueberry crisis due to the stoppage of the Tucumán airport puts pressure on Manzur
Blueberries were the new export star of Tucumán. The paralysis of the provincial terminal for the second year destroyed a business that left in the country 100 million dollars per year.
Port of Jacksonville in Florida, offers its facilities to alleviate port congestion in the US.
However, doubts arise due to the general shortage in the country of drivers, trucks, chassis and storage points
Overview of the global blueberry market: demand, supply, price ...
The demand for blueberries is increasing in several countries, while in some countries like France it is still quite low.
G-Berries and Dole: Agreement reached to develop the Mexican market
G-Berries and Dole plc announce that they have reached an agreement for a long-term collaboration focused on the Mexican market. In January 2021 G-Berries Srl was born. The company [...]
Peru: "Once again, reality will exceed the dream"
Peruvian blueberry exports, between July 2021 and February 2022, will be better than estimated at the beginning of the season, when a 30% increase in volume was projected compared to the previous season.
Betina Ernst, from Top Info: "The blueberry as a fruit, has almost everything to gain"
"Every year, countries continue to be added, some of which would never have been thought to be suitable for this crop"
La Libertad: blueberries will be exported to the Indian market for the first time
Currently, the La Libertad region leads the national production of blueberries, since it cultivates 7.580 hectares of this fruit.
The area devoted to blueberry cultivation in Huelva has increased by 5,6% in the last campaign
Blueberry exports continue to increase year over year