Victoria Fernández explains one of the greatest enigmas of biological surfaces
It is about explaining in a reliable and proven way the way in which the drops adhere to the rose petals without falling, maintaining their spherical volume, even if the flower or the petals are upside down.
Rabobank offers positive prospects for the blueberry business
The global blueberry industry is poised for further growth, according to a new report from RaboResearch.
Agronometrics in Charts: Peru's blueberry sector moves to new heights
In this installment of the 'Agronometrics In Charts' series, Sarah Ilyas surveys the state of the Peruvian blueberry season. Each week, the series looks at a different horticultural product, focusing on a specific origin or theme and visualizing the market factors that are driving change.
Freshfel Europe defends the competitiveness of the fresh produce sector on the European agenda
On September 30, a delegation from Freshfel Europe, led by its President Salvo Laudani and its General Delegate Philippe Binard, held a meeting in Prague with Jiří Šír, Deputy Minister [...]
Robotics project points to 'sea change' in berry harvest productivity
The AI ​​approach models worker skills and farm needs to move fruit from pickers to packing stations faster and more cost-effectively.
The agri-food crisis worsens after seven months of war in Ukraine
The crisis in agriculture and food due to the war in Ukraine is getting worse and exceeds the forecasts from the beginning of the conflict, seven months ago, and while in Spain it manifests itself in the rise in prices in other areas of the world, the catering.
Family Farms will import 405.000 blueberry plants from Chile by land
Entry will be made once a week in refrigerated and sealed vehicles following the post-entry quarantine procedure in the district of Humay, province of Pisco, department of Ica.
Blueberry figures in the United States market
The parameters of the current season in the United States market show a slightly more stable market, which reacts in a more balanced way to the phenomenon of supply and demand.
Francisco José Gómez, new president of Freshuelva
Francisco José Gómez, representative of the associated company Cuna de Platero on the new Board of Directors, has been elected as the new president of Freshuelva, replacing Alberto Garrocho, [...]
Highland Ag MarketWatch Reaches the Fresh Produce Market as a Pro-Competitive Data and Insights Tool
Highland Ag MarketWatch is the first of its kind data analytics software that provides visibility into current market trends for marketers to make impactful data-driven decisions. This patent-pending software provides subscribers with an anonymous, aggregate view of market prices, inventories, reject rates and trends, while comparing individual performance metrics in a single application. To maintain a competitive global fresh produce market, data and information is updated every 30 minutes and is available to subscribers at any time.