Agroberries acquires shares in BerryWorld
June 6, 2023 - Agroberries, a leading company in the production, marketing and distribution of berries, with a differentiated portfolio of premium varieties, acquired a minority stake in the business [...]
The Camposol company is dedicated to opening new markets
After several years of consolidation in its traditional markets, Camposol is dedicated to opening new markets, mainly in Latin America, with a view to strategic diversification. The company is [...]
Precision Nutrition and the Gut Microbiome: The Impact of Blueberries
In a recent study published in the journal Antioxidants, researchers explored the impacts of precision nutrition on gut microbiome variation.
Morocco invites you to participate in the 4th Red Fruit Festival in Kénitra
The red fruit sector in Morocco stands out more every day in its importance as a driver of the economy due to the high international demand, which permanently expands its export prospects.
With a desire for reinforced growth, the International Blueberry Seminar in Guadalajara ends
After responsibly identifying the biggest shortcomings that the Mexican industry faces, pointing out the new challenges, opening up to the replacement of genetic material, advancing in the implementation of better management and learning about the experiences carried out in other countries, producers and industry mexicana reinforced their will to continue growing in a sustained manner and raise the quality of their fruit as an immediate objective to achieve greater competitiveness in the international blueberry market.
Guadalajara meeting opens with powerful messages to the industry and producers
There was a consensus to identify the biggest shortcomings that the activity faces, identifying the lack of labor as the first threat, costs are added, affected by the strengthening of the peso against the dollar due to the fact that most of the inputs are in local currency. Also added is the low availability of water for cultivation and, above all, the low yield averages per hectare, among other factors to be overcome.
“In Mexico I have found many similarities with Morocco…”
Amine Bennani is part of the group of speakers that will develop the extensive program of the Guadalajara International Blueberry Seminar and will do so by closing the first day, with the presentation: "The importance of Morocco as a supplier of blueberries in the world: current status and projections" .
Peru witnesses a 37,5% increase in blueberry production in the first quarter of 2023
In this installment of the 'Agronometrics In Charts' series, Sarah Ilyas studies the state of the Peruvian Blueberry Industry. Each week the series looks at a different horticultural product, focusing on a specific origin or theme and visualizing the market factors that are driving change.
The Technical Tour that is being carried out prior to the Guadalajara meeting has become of a high level
After a visit to the Fall Creek laboratories and nurseries in Tala, the delegation toured producer fields in the town of Cuisillos, where a 47-hectare project of the Sekoya Pop™ variety is being implemented and will continue with a visit to the city. Guzmán, to see the behavior of different varieties in the Hortifrut fields in Mexico.
An important Technical Tour prior to the Guadalajara meeting
During the visit to the extensive facilities of the Nursery, which Fall Creek has maintained since 2005 in the town of Tala, Jalisco, part of the international speakers and specialists who will present at the Guadalajara meeting will participate, led by the director of Blueberries Consulting, Jorge Esquivel .