Opinion: The Danger of Inbreeding in the Blueberry Industry
We must never forget that the success of the blueberry spread throughout the world has been achieved in this way, collaboratively, transferring the maximum amount of information and knowledge regarding the different aspects of the crop, both in its agronomic and commercial phase, and considering everyone industry actors as protagonists with rights, at a higher or lower level.
US Safeguards Case: A Threat That Will Not Prosper
Blueberry consumption in the US is at an all-time high of 1,79 pounds per person, which means an increase of more than 300% since 2005. Local producers are not able to cover these figures, so they restrict imports of Blueberries would only seriously affect American consumers themselves.
Ricardo Polis: "We cannot go back"
Ricardo Polis has a degree in Industrial Engineering and a veteran in the South American agricultural industry, with extensive experience in managing the production and export of fresh produce. He has served as president of the Association of Agricultural Producers Guilds of Peru (AGAP) and is currently the Regional Director for South America at Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc.
Chile and the paradigm shift in the blueberry market ...
"This change will penetrate the businesses of all companies and partner organizations involved in blueberries - it's time to really focus on the consumer experience in blueberries." [...]
A reflection in the middle of the Chilean crisis
It is very difficult to have an accurate diagnosis when we are in the midst of a deep crisis such as the one we are experiencing in Chile, in which citizens challenge everyone and [...]
Felipe Riesco, Undersecretary of the Environment:
"The first thing is a good implementation of the REP Law"
First, it must be said that the circular economy is the economy of the future, the only one that is sustainable in the long term, and these initiatives are developed from this perspective. This type of [...]
Juan Andrés Fontaine: "This challenge must have been addressed much earlier"
Obtaining the approval of the Congress to our substitute indication to the bill that modifies the Water Code will not be an easy task, but our bet is that it be law [...]
Andrés Couve, Minister of Science, Technology, Innovation and Knowledge: "Knowledge must be at the center of the development model"
First I want to express the honor I feel of being the protagonist of the historic fact that science has arrived at La Moneda. The creation and implementation of the Ministry of [...]
Minister of Agriculture of Peru, Gustavo Mostajo Ocola:
"We must modernize agriculture"
My mission is to develop three main strategic axes to collaborate in the modernization of agriculture, in such a way that it is more profitable and increasingly sustainable. For this one [...]
Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker: "We need a great national agreement for the distribution of water"
Agriculture can be understood as a triangle formed by climate, soil and water. It is in relation to water resources that farmers place emphasis and recognize that it is [...]