News Seminar Mexico 2018

Chile, Mexico and Peru agree to create the Agricultural Council of the Pacific Alliance, with support from IICA
Senior officials in charge of Agriculture from Chile, Mexico and Peru agreed in Santiago to establish the Agricultural Council of the Pacific Alliance (CAAP), a forum that will promote integration agreements [...]
The Center for Research in Agrigenomics creates plants that are more resistant to extreme drought
In nature, when there is no water, plants stop growing. Scientists have taken advantage of this natural defense mechanism in recent decades to design resistant plant varieties [...]
T-MEC protects national berries
The growth of Mexican berry production and exports could accelerate even more with the seven-year extension that took place in the Agreement between Mexico, [...]
Latin American blueberry industry met massively in Guadalajara
The most important multinational companies linked to the blueberry industry, and to Latin American agrofruticultural activity, gave the framework of great presence and relevance to the hundreds of producers, [...]
Hortifrut Mexico wants to increase its berry volumes by five to 2020-2021
The company's strategy to supply the market throughout the year includes new varieties for berries and increasing the planted area, while facing the main [...]
Mexico gains strength, Spain is delayed: The blueberry market is divided and there will be shortages in the coming weeks
“The current situation in the blueberry market is interesting and unique at the same time,” says Don Goforth of Family Tree Farms. The market is in a phase of [...]
Mexico: Demand for berries in general continues to increase
“Although for most Mexican berry companies the season begins in October, we, like every year, begin in August. Despite the fact that this season we had two months of [...]
Mexico: Cranberry, papaya, pineapple and blackberry, strategic fruits in Colima
In the context of the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and recognizing the authorities responsible for the agri-food sector that for 50 years [...]