News Seminar Peru 2018

Peru: Cranberry and Potato boost exports from the northern regions
This year is very positive for Peruvian exporters, especially those regions that have achieved impressive figures for the sale of their products to the different markets of the [...]
Chile, Mexico and Peru agree to create the Agricultural Council of the Pacific Alliance, with support from IICA
Senior officials in charge of Agriculture from Chile, Mexico and Peru agreed in Santiago to establish the Agricultural Council of the Pacific Alliance (CAAP), a forum that will promote integration agreements [...]
Peruvian blueberry exports grow 57% to October and beat record
Exports of the Peruvian agricultural sector, as of October 2018, registered a growth of 15% compared to the same period of the previous year, adding a total of US $ 5,086 million, reported today [...]
Minister of Agriculture of Peru, Gustavo Mostajo Ocola:
"We must modernize agriculture"
My mission is to develop three main strategic axes to collaborate in the modernization of agriculture, in such a way that it is more profitable and increasingly sustainable. For this one [...]
Claudio Yáñez: "Technical tours help us to diversify our knowledge of the markets"
The great interest that exists for the growth and expansion of the blueberry industry in different parts of Latin America and the world was evident during the [...]
Peru: Cranberries are emerging as the leaders of 2018 agroexports
The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism (Promperú) reported that for the first time blueberries surpassed asparagus as a non-agricultural export item [...]
Export of Peruvian blueberries reached US $ 49 million in the first four months of the 2018
The export of blueberries during the first four months of the year reached US $ 49 million, according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur). The amount represents a [...]
In Lima there were relevant points
On May 17, the XI International Blueberry Seminar organized by Blueberries Consulting was held in Lima and several relevant facts emerge from its development.
Foliar applications, one of the areas to be treated at the next 17 of May in Lima, Peru
The understanding and certainties regarding the factors that influence to achieve maximum efficacy of foliar applications still remain partially unknown, even though foliar fertilization [...]