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In the context of the 4 ° International Seminar "Cranberry cultivation in Mexico: Technical analysis, productive management and commercial development", the 29 and 30 held in June in Guadalajara, many theses and opinions were raised regarding the best way to approach the development of the Mexican and Latin American blueberry industry in general.

In this sense, it was pointed out that during the last time a good sector of the industry has been dedicated to look to the side (or to the mirror) and worry more about the emerging threats than to develop its own offer. It was said that the commercial windows that are opened according to the harvest times of this or that country or territory, have been transformed into a exclusive or exclusive redoubt, and practically they try to raise the premise that "The one who has keeps".

In Guadalajara, this look began to twist towards the substantive, towards what is convenient for the whole of the Latin American cranberry industry, towards the best for all. The call was simply to increase the area of ​​crops, raise the quality and condition of the fruit, and especially aim for a permanent offer to the markets, in such a way that the cranberry becomes a fruit of constant and customary consumption, and not a seasonal or occasional fruit, as is the consumption behavior at present.

Francisco Ortiz Esquivel, president of Berries Paradise, raises this thesis based on its history, specifically on the behavior of the production of avocados, or avocados as they call it, and remember that the fluctuation of the supply of this fruit began in the same way in the international markets, that is, taking advantage of uncovered windows and worried about competing with those who harvested in unison rather than increasing and developing the quality of their own product. In his presentation he said that this form of behavior was overcome and the avocado industry was dedicated to look forward and develop in volume and quality, so currently the avocado enjoys permanent demand and a price without many variables, product of this Industry development strategy and neglect of the petty politics of moving forward looking to the side or to the rear-view mirror.

The thesis of Guadalajara will bring discussion, it is not an easy proposal to adopt right away, surely in the next International Seminar that will be held in Lima the 4 in August will continue this discussion, the Peruvian industry has much to say about it.

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