Mexican producers took Guadalajara International Seminar

More than three hundred people, the vast majority Mexican producers, packed the offices of Terraza Andares, in Guadalajara, on the occasion of the 4th International Seminar, "The cultivation of blueberries in Mexico: Technical analysis, productive management and commercial development", organized by Blueberries Consulting and AGQ Labs & Technological Services.

The local producers made their presence felt by participating actively in the different themes developed in the program. The vast majority taking notes, recording with their electronic devices and sharing experiences in the moments of coffee, meals, and even staying for a long time talking once everything was over.

There were two intense days of exchange of knowledge and varied experiences, above all, what stood out was the atmosphere of friendship and cordiality among the actors of different nationalities.

It was a success from every point of view, not only because of the massive participation and participation, but also because of the high level of the topics discussed, very useful for all those who attended the meeting, who noted their recognition of the good organization and to the high level and relevance of the contents.

A very good conversation started in Guadalajara, which will probably last for a long time ...

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