Francisco José Gómez, new president of Freshuelva

Francisco José Gómez, representative of the associated company Cuna de Platero in the new Board of Directors, has been elected as the new president of Freshuelva, replacing Alberto Garrocho, head of the Huelva Strawberry Producers and Exporters Association since 2009. .

Francisco José Gómez, also president of Cuna de Platero, with 30 years working in the sector and who belongs to a family of farmers, faces this new challenge with "great enthusiasm and a great desire to work for the growth and unity of the sector of berries in our province”.

The election has taken place after the General Assembly of Associates appointed the members of the Board of Directors of Freshuelva, in which the companies Fresón de Palos, Cuna de Platero, AgroMartín, Grufesa, Bonafrú, Doñana 1998, Frutas El Pinar repeat and Fruit of Andalusia. Pitayas de Andalucía, Fran y Lolo, Good Berry Fruits, Frutas Borja and Algaida Producers join it, thus completing the 13 members of Freshuelva's management body in charge of voting and appointing the new representative positions.

The First Vice Presidency will be held by Alberto Garrocho (Pitayas de Andalucía); the Second Vice Presidency by José Antonio Martín (AgroMartín); the treasurer will be Juan Manuel Vivas (Fruit of Andalusia). The representatives of the rest of the companies that make up the Board are members.

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