Claudio Yáñez: "Technical tours help us to diversify our knowledge of the markets"

The great interest that exists for the growth and expansion of the blueberry industry in different parts of Latin America and the world was evident during the development of the first technical tour that Blueberries Consulting organized this year as part of our second cycle of activities 2018.

Researchers, technicians, businessmen and other actors who joined efforts to improve the production of blue berry attended the call and met in Peru as part of the four-day activity, time in which this horticultural item was addressed from different perspectives .

Claudio Yáñez, quality and post-harvest blueberry specialist from the Chilean company Copefrut, was one of the attendees of the day, who was enthusiastic to form the group that was part of the experience provided by Blueberries Consulting in Peru for four days.

According to the businessman, the most relevant aspect of the experience had to do with the opportunity offered to the attendees to see the reality of cranberry in Peruvian soil, one of the main players and competitors of the industry in the southern hemisphere.

"I thought it was super valuable (the technical tour) and I hope it can be repeated to go with more members of my team. In this way we could see the reality of the Peruvian market and work on aspects that allow us to diversify and improve the blueberry industry in Chile, "Yáñez said.

He highlighted the meticulousness of the organization of the event, while thanking the delegation of Blueberries Consulting for the attendance of the technical tour of Peru, which he described as "unique".

The representative of Copefrut said that no other company offers this type of alternatives to those interested in the blueberry industry in the region, so he noted positively that these enriching options are installed.

"With this type of event we may know who we are competing with, it helps us to know how to focus our business and offers us additional information that can not be found in any publication on the Internet," Yáñez said.

He valued the knowledge he acquired through the technical tour, while he called for this type of event to be repeated in different areas of the world, because he assured that in this way there is a broader notion of the cranberry industry.

"We would like the next editions of the technical tours to reach destinations not only in America but also in other parts of the world, because that way we would have access to other data and other realities that we could compare with ours," said Claudio Yáñez.

Blueberries Consulting, aware of the need that exists of information and knowledge about the cranberry industry in different corners of the world, is already preparing new alternatives such as Peru's experience for those interested.

That is why we already handle dates for an activity that will visit some cities in Chile such as Chillán, Cauquenes, Linares, Chimbarongo and Hijuelas between the 11 and the 14 in November. Also, there will be a technical tour that will arrive in Mexico from 20 to 22 in November of this year. During this time, fields will be visited in the area of ​​greatest productive boom in Jalisco, Guadalajara.

Tour count

The technical tour of Peru began in early October in the city of Lima, a place that served as a venue to contextualise the Peruvian blueberry market, a product that is on the rise in international markets. There, interesting information about the projections of the fruit in the world was handed out by ProArándanos. In addition to that was discussed the challenges that must face the external marketing from the Andean soil.

The second stop of the tour was in a production field of the Province of Cañete, located south of the Department of Lima, a place that was conducive to look and analyze the climatic and infrastructure difficulties that Peru must face within the challenging and demanding fruit production market.

In the middle of the occasion, it was also pertinent to give attendees information related to agricultural technology, emphasizing the necessary processes for a good crop of blueberry, and also reviewing how from a technological perspective you can reach the precision in the decision making

For the third day of the experience, the participants traveled to the city of Pisco, to the center / south of Peru, where they toured the facilities of a production field that uses saline conditions, this being one of the most outstanding and interesting activities of the event , according to those present.

Here the production of blueberries was addressed amid difficulties such as sandy soils and high electrical conductivity. Experts in the field offered a small presentation in which doubts were clarified about how blueberries of such good quality are obtained despite the aforementioned conditions.

To close the tour, the team traveled to the city of Trujillo, a region that has accumulated years of blueberry tradition on Peruvian soil. It was there that two high-level farms were visited, and whose quality standards gave proof of the rigorous and demanding production process that takes place there.

Paúl Rivas González - Blueberries Consulting

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