News Morocco 2023

“From the point of view of industry and markets, Morocco has an enviable location”
There are crucial challenges in terms of managing ambient temperature in critical periods of development, quantity and quality of water for irrigation and labor, among others.
Morocco: The objective is to exceed 100 thousand tons in blueberry exports
This demonstrates not only the consolidation of the Moroccan industry, but also the will to become a protagonist in the international market.
The emotional meeting of the international blueberry industry in Morocco came to an end
There is a growing demand for the large volumes that are produced, but the great problem of the global industry is the drop in prices at all levels of supply.
In an atmosphere of respect and solidarity, the XXVIII International Blueberries Consulting Seminar began in Morocco
At the beginning of the first day, Cort Brazelton made his presentation, who has made a complete report and analysis of the industry at a global level, with multiple data and statistics on production and demand flows in the main markets.
Morocco: Activities begin prior to the Agadir International Blueberry Seminar
With a two-day Technical Commercial Tour to the fields of Moroccan producers, activities begin prior to the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar that will be held this 13th [...]
Profitability is the great challenge for blueberry producers
The issue of profitability is of great interest to producers in all countries of the world, so at the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar that will be held this September 13 and 14 in the city of Agadir, Morocco, this issue will be discussed. in deep.
Blueberries: Challenges of cultivation and identification of critical points to compete in the markets
The Round Table debate will delve into the issues that most interest Moroccan producers and businessmen.
In Agadir, the main strategic objectives of the international blueberry industry will be analyzed
It will be an instance that will help in making decisions regarding new management systems; better strategies for sending fruit to the markets; more information for the decision of new investments; and greater knowledge of the various varietal change alternatives, among many other advantages.
Postharvest handling will be vital for the new stage of the blueberry industry in Morocco
The need to reach 4 million metric tons is forecast, due to the high demand that is projected. In this objective, all the knowledge, experience and technology that exists to support the fruit in its post-harvest stage, is of the utmost importance for the Moroccan industry today.
Cort Brazelton will participate in the September industry meeting in Agadir
The analyst is recognized as part of the history of the global blueberry industry, so his participation in the Agadir meeting will be a great contribution to Moroccan producers and exporters and great support for their industry.