Trujillo Seminary 2023

Ramkumar Palanisamy, the young manager of Kokosflora who achieved business proposals for USD 10 million on his first day in Trujillo
"Our success depends on the washing treatment of our coconut fiber, which makes it a product that has practically no competition in the market due to its optimal electrical conductivity."
With various tasks for the Peruvian industry, the International Blueberry Seminar in Trujillo ends
The important thing is to establish plans based on true diagnoses and to be permanently observing the fields, because if the phenology changes, the plans must change too.
The 2024 projections of the leading industry of the world blueberry market
Luis Miguel Vegas, general manager of Proarándanos, explained that, according to the information collected from the companies, there are at least three different scenarios for the next campaign, crossed mainly by uncertainty and climatic reality.
Everything ready for the meeting of the blueberry industry in Trujillo
Issues related to improving the quality of the fruit, new management and extension of postharvest life are of great relevance.
In Trujillo the next steps of the industry are defined
The meeting of the blueberry industry in Trujillo, which will take place in the context of the XXVII International Blueberry Seminar, becomes more important every day, because we are living in moments [...]
The Trujillo meeting takes place in the heart of the global blueberry industry
Between the Departments of La Libertad and Lambayeque, they make up 77% of the Peruvian supply, with 218 tons exported, much more than any country in the industry, so they are clearly the heart of the blueberry industry, not only Peruvian, but also how global
The quality of the fruit will be a relevant topic at the Trujillo International Seminar
The quality of the fruit has become a growing requirement in world markets and has established itself as the main differentiating element against the competition.
A high-level Round Table awaits those attending the Trujillo meeting in July
The Trujillo meeting takes place in the center of the area that produces 80% of Peruvian blueberry exports, coming from the departments of La Libertad, Áncash and Lambayeque.