Ramkumar Palanisamy, the young manager of Kokosflora who achieved business proposals for USD 10 million on his first day in Trujillo

"Our success depends on the washing treatment of our coconut fiber, which makes it a product that has practically no competition in the market due to its optimal electrical conductivity."

Kokosflora is a German-Indian company established in 2013 in Hannover, Germany, by the young businessman Ramkumar Palanisamy, who came to Peru for the first time and made his debut at the XXVII International Seminar of Blueberries Consulting made in Trujillo this 12 & 13 of July.

Ramkumar Palanisamy himself traveled to Peru and together with Rohan Singh, his sales manager, took charge of the stand at the Trujillo Seminary, managing to capture this extraordinary amount of business.

Vendor meetings

Certainly, the International Blueberry Seminars are famous for their high commercial activity achieved by the different companies that participate in each of their places, because those attending these meetings are characterized by being businessmen, producers, exporters and actors closely related to the cultivation in its decision levels, but it must be recognized that the case of Kokosflora was an extraordinary achievement for a debuting company in the country and that in its first participation in an industry meeting it can show such an important achievement.

differentiating element

We asked Rohan Singh, its sales manager, about his experience in the meeting and the objectives that Kokosflora has in Peru or in Latin America. He tells us that indeed the Kokosflora company set itself the objective of reaching Latin America with its products and they did so by participating in the Trujillo meeting and reaching Peru for the first time through this Seminar.

  • What is the differentiating element of your products compared to the competition?

They are many. From the strict ecological protocol that we have to obtain our raw material, coconut and coconut fiber, through our business ethics of work and fair remuneration, and the fight against child labor, but, above all, we believe that our success depends on the washing treatment of our coconut fiber, which makes it a product that has practically no competition in the market due to its optimal conductivity, which has been highly valued in the cranberry industry.

Kokosflora offers ecological solutions based on renewable coir and coir products for the industry, and through its headquarters in Hannover, Germany, markets and distributes coir substrates and other coir products in the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan , United States of America and now in Latin America through Lima, Peru, where it will set up its first commercial office.

Kokosflora's coconut substrates are harvested in South India, as a by-product of the extraction of fiber from dried coconut husks. Therefore, it is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly growing medium, from renewable coconut plantations without deforestation. These coco substrates, as mentioned by Rohan Singh, are washed three times to remove excess water soluble salts and other impurities, and to obtain an electrolyte content within the most suitable and effective range.

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