News Seminar Peru 2023

Agrícola Cerro Prieto has been testing new varieties of blueberries that have a longer shelf life
(Agraria.pe) At the end of this 2022/2023 campaign, Agrícola Cerro Prieto (ACP) would have produced 24.000 tons of blueberries (21.000 own tons + 3.000 tons from its subsidiary Qali Fruits, located in [...]
The massive meeting of the blueberry industry in Lima concludes
The industry leaders highlighted the impressive growth of the Peruvian industry, which has reached 300 tons, and that it will continue to grow, not only because it continues to be planted in Peru, but also because the new varieties have very good productive results.
"In three years we will be talking about 500 thousand tons"
"The Peruvian blueberry reaches more and more countries in the world and this is also a reason to feel proud"
Great opening moment at the massive meeting of the blueberry industry in Lima
Fernando Cilloniz: "Dreams fell short, realities far exceed them" Luis Miguel Vegas: "We are going to continue growing" Ricardo Polis: "What we are experiencing in the blueberry industry is a revolution" "We are in a second wave of consumption ”
This week the international blueberry industry meets in Lima
The increase in demand, the offer of better plant genetics, the large volumes of production, the behavior of new varieties and the knowledge of new technologies, make the International Blueberry Consulting Seminar in Lima an unmissable event for the leaders of the industry.
Why do you have to go to Lima…?
The genuine interest of the leaders of the international industry is placed on what happens in this region, be it in planted area, in new cultivated varieties, in new management systems, in volumes, in costs or in business profitability.
Leaders of the international blueberry industry meet in Lima on March 8 and 9
The blueberry experience in America has been an inspiring experience for a good number of countries in the world, which have joined the blueberry production with their different geographical and edaphoclimatic realities, for which reason from different latitudes of the world they have confirmed their participation in the Lima meeting.
"At the Blueberries Consulting Seminar in Lima there will be a guest crop..."
The numerous foreign delegations have confirmed their participation and international companies have already assigned their representatives to the massive event.