Said the general manager of ACP, Alfredo Lira

Agrícola Cerro Prieto has been testing new varieties of blueberries that have a longer shelf life

( At the end of this 2022/2023 campaign, Agrícola Cerro Prieto (ACP) would have produced 24.000 tons of blueberries (21.000 tons of its own + 3.000 tons of its subsidiary Qali Fruits, located in the Santa Rosa irrigation district, in Lima).

This was indicated by its general manager, Alfredo Lira Chirif, who pointed out that 90% of the production, that is, 21.600 tons, would have been exported, which means an increase of 96% compared to the 11.000 tons shipped in the previous campaign (2021 /2022).

He explained that this important growth is explained by the new plantations that come into production, as well as plantations that are entering maturity, for which their productive yields are higher.

Lira Chirif said that the main destination market for blueberries exported by her client is the United States, which accounts for 98% of the total.

He indicated that Agrícola Cerro Prieto has 1.500 hectares of blueberries (1.350 ha in Chepén and 150 ha in the Santa Rosa irrigation). Of that total area, 200 ha are conventional and 1.300 ha are organic.

He pointed out that at the moment the company does not plan to increase its blueberry areas, however, they are testing new varieties (mainly from Fall Creek and Hortifrut), all of them patented, to replace within a couple of years some varieties that become obsolete such as Ventura and Biloxi.

He explained that one of the main characteristics sought in the new varieties is that they travel and have a longer shelf life, which will allow the company to allocate its fruit to more distant markets such as China.

Regarding the packing houses that the company has in Chepén and Santa Rosa, both for the cultivation of blueberries, he said that the first is already operational, while the second was completed at the end of the blueberry campaign, but is ready to operate just start the new campaign. The Santa Rosa packinghouse is expected to provide services for other crops and other exporters.

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