News Seminar Chile 2024

Chilean cherries: A debatable season
In the room dedicated to the cherry industry, at the last Berries & Cherries Seminar on April 11, different nuances of evaluation for the results of the 2023/2024 season could be seen, generating a very interesting debate
Representatives of the Chilean Blueberry Fruit Committee analyzed the past season and the challenges of the industry
Some of the topics focused on analyzing the end of the season for both species, as well as the importance of maintaining quality and consistency to aim for [...]
The Chilean blueberry industry shows its willingness to regain leadership
Chile was falling behind in its volumes and quality of fruit, surpassed by the best results of competing countries, especially Peru, which also has unsurpassed climatic advantages for the proper development of agro-fruit activity.
In Chile, this April 11, two successful industries met
At the Monticello meeting, the programs aimed at the blueberry and cherry industries included talks on the most diverse topics, with interesting conversation panels and rounds of questions, in which the main leaders of both industries participated.
Cherries, a successful season that will be analyzed at the meeting this April 11 at Monticello
The surprising results of the season, the response of the crop to the impact of the climate, the quality of the new genetics and the reasons for the good prices achieved, will be analyzed at the International Berries & Cherries Seminar on April 11 in Monticello.
The reality and future of the Peruvian blueberry will also be addressed at BERRIES & CHERRIES on April 11 in Monticello
At the XXX International Berries & Cherries Seminar on April 11, the main challenges and opportunities of the blueberry and cherry industry will be addressed, two [...]
Crop diversification, another great topic that will be addressed on April 11 at Monticello
The meeting will be the time for experts to explain in detail the real commercial opportunities that Chile has in the international market for each fruit.
On April 11 in Monticello the doubts of the Chilean blueberry industry will be addressed
It will be time to analyze the commercial opportunities that the market offers to the Chilean blueberry industry, addressing the profitability of the sector.
The impact and supply of new genetics will be the main topic at the Berries & Cherries meeting on April 11 in Monticello
The Chilean blueberry industry, which is located in the south, maintains a high adaptive capacity, mainly due to its greater proportion of supply of new varieties, which are renewing and strengthening the supply.