Morocco: The 2021-2022 agricultural season is off to a good start!

The 2021-2022 agricultural season is off to a good start, said Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki, in Kenitra on Tuesday.

"The agricultural season began with a delay in rains, but rains have been recorded for two weeks in several regions," Sadiki said in a statement to MAP, on the sidelines of the opening ceremony. A national tour on the "new generation" agricultural aggregation.

The area sown with cereals currently reaches almost 1 million hectares while the cultivated area is estimated at 3 million hectares, said the minister, assuring that "the rate will increase."

The national tour on “new generation” agricultural aggregation, which is part of the implementation of the new agricultural development strategy » Green generation 2020-2030 «, was organized at the initiative of the Agency for Agricultural Development (ADA), in close collaboration with all regional directorates of agriculture.

This initiative aims to sensitize and mobilize the different actors and interest groups to promote the process of launching new generation aggregation projects, a professional organization approach in the different agricultural value chains.

Scheduled to cover all regions of the Kingdom, this roadshow is an opportunity to take stock of the situation and achievements of the agricultural aggregation and present its strengthening by the new regulatory system with the implementation of two new decrees implementing Law 04 -12 on agricultural aggregation and that strengthen the association between aggregators and aggregators.

This system brings an important simplification and relaxation of procedures as well as a review of the eligibility criteria and standards, the integration of new aggregation models and new production channels, the establishment of a preferential rate for the incentives granted to breeding teams. as well as hydro-agricultural development and agricultural equipment material.

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