South American blueberries calm down and prepare Mexico and Florida

Currently, the supply of blueberries is tight.

Among the imported products, Peruvian and Chilean fruits are still on the market. "It's a little below average in quantity and quality," says Luciano Fisman of California-based Gourmet Trading Co. Rotondo Beach. However, Mexico is in its peak production weeks with good quality fruit. Product of Jalisco.

Nationwide, a little production is starting in Florida, but the Southeast is going slow and fast.

After all, this situation is the same as last year. “We are experiencing delays in the southeast, but not much different than last year. Mexico is almost a mirror with a slight increase last year. The end of the South American season was also tough last year,” said Fisman.

quality eye
However, the quality of the fruit is an important point. "It has nothing to do with the quality coming from Mexico and Florida and the tired harvests from South America right now. Some buyers look for price, others look for quality. It's hard to get both this year," he said. she says.

In terms of demand, Fisman points out that the big retail chains now absorb most of the volume. “Demand is better than in recent weeks. This is due to the great quality of the product in my opinion,” she says. “We expect a good spring in terms of consumption. Customers want a good blueberry and we are famous for seeing the best product in the coming months.

Now a question mark is the size of the packets. “As people go back to school and offices, the market is trying to re-understand what the right format is,” says Fisman. "Small forms often morphed into larger forms during the epidemic. Now that paradigm is a bit under discussion. I like the 18 oz clamshell. The market will also find its preference.

Blueberry prices on the rise
It has recently increased prices as customers show they are willing to pay more for good products. "That's the best part. And customers won't want to pay for quality they don't want,” she says. “This is the hard part of the job. The market still needs to find ways to move different qualities. But with the disappearance of Chile and the arrival of more Mexican and native fruits, the market for the sale of blueberries becomes more attractive, after which a rebound in prices is in sight.

Looking ahead, volume from Mexico is stable, but the peak is different: while some sectors are now at their peak, others have surpassed it or are yet to come. “More fruit is arriving from Jalisco. Sinaloa chases her. Baja is also pushing some fruit," Fisman said. However, this year's peak will be very flat due to weather and growing conditions in recent months. For another two weeks, the price will be the same as before, and it may drop a bit after Easter.

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