2022 Mexico Seminar

Juan José Flores, Aneberries: "We observe a greater acceptance and adoption of berries in the diet of Mexicans"
"In the last couple of years we have opted to develop the national market, this through information campaigns regarding the nutritional and health benefits that berries bring to consumers."
In Guadalajara, the main challenges of the Mexican blueberry industry will be addressed
The program of the meeting includes the essential topics to know the current state of the Mexican industry and the possible variants to develop to grow in competitiveness and take advantage of the commercial opportunities of the blueberry market more effectively.
Cort Brazelton, CEO of Fall Creek: "Without Guanxi there is no business in China..."
“China as a market, for a Latin American exporter, is a great opportunity, there are many clients, many cultures, many subcultures. But it is difficult to go, you have to take it seriously, invest in time, not only put your foot in the water, but put your leg in it. The opportunity is immense, but the challenge is equally immense”
South American blueberries calm down and prepare Mexico and Florida
Currently, the supply of blueberries is tight. Among the imported products, Peruvian and Chilean fruits are still on the market. "It's a little below average in quantity [...]
Turned into a milestone, the XIX International Blueberry Seminar ends in the capital of Lima...
They were two intense days developed at a high level, due to the interest and depth of the topics discussed, the high quality of the national and foreign specialists who presented, and the massive attendance from different countries that crowned both days of the meeting with resounding success. of the blueberry industry in the financial district of the Lima capital.
Expectation grows for the inauguration of the "World Blueberry Tour" in Lima
It will be an intense meeting of the Peruvian and international blueberry industry that, after two years of separation as a result of the pandemic, will meet again, to give a new impetus to an industry that is in very good health, due to the fact that the demand of blueberries in international markets is growing steadily.