The Camposol company is dedicated to opening new markets

After several years of consolidation in its traditional markets, Camposol is dedicated to opening new markets, mainly in Latin America, with a view to strategic diversification.

The company is resuming supply to markets where it had previously had business contacts, such as Brazil, Chile and Costa Rica. It is also developing new markets such as Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay, among others, giving priority to Latin American countries with which Peru already has trade agreements.

A main product for market diversification are blueberries; supplies to Brazil and Uruguay began in April. The mandarin campaign is currently underway, and an interesting volume of avocado exports will also go to new markets. The objective is to offer the entire range of Camposol products, and from all sources, to contribute to the marketing of the entire range of qualities and sizes produced by the company. Talks are already underway with several retail chains in Latin America.

Camposol will also continue to maintain its strong focus on the core markets of North America, Europe and Asia which, together with the new markets, contribute to implementing the strategy of global commercial presence.

Meanwhile, through a "Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony", China's leading retail chain Yonghui Superstores and Camposol have pledged to elevate their partnership. The ceremonial event took place on May 22, as part of the sixth XNUMXst Century Maritime Silk Road International Exhibition.

The ceremonial event with Yonghui Superstores and Camposol was held on May 22.

Their joint efforts will focus on fruit supply to consumers, brand promotion, category expansion and more. Yonghui and Camposol began their relationship in 2019, beginning with the supply of Peruvian blueberries and avocados. Their collaboration has grown steadily, leading to the signing of their first strategic partnership agreement in 2021. In 2022, Camposol rapidly increased the volume of blueberries and the supply window to Yonghui.

Lin Jianhua, vice president of Yonghui Superstores, said such an achievement was possible because the two sides were able to share information and make pre-season plans and worked closely on various fronts during the season to mitigate the risks associated with market fluctuations.

According to Luis Miguel Baanante, general manager of Camposol Trading (Shanghai), Camposol will strengthen its offer of blueberries and avocados with the signing of the new agreement.

“With blueberries, we are suppliers to China for most of the year and this season we will also see the first batch of our new blueberry varieties in China. As for avocados, our supply window from Peru will be longer and our avocado orchards in Colombia will soon be ready to supply China as well, bringing the total avocado supply window to around nine months out of the year." said.

This year, Camposol will also supply cherries to China and Uruguayan mandarins that will arrive in China in June.

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