Agroberries acquires shares in BerryWorld

June 6, 2023 – Agroberries, a leading company in the production, marketing and distribution of berries, with a differentiated portfolio of premium varieties, acquired a minority stake in the EMEA and APAC business of BerryWorld. The transaction will allow BerryWorld, a leading platform in the marketing of berries and prepared fruit, to strengthen its platform and expectations for global growth throughout the value chain.

BerryWorld's majority shareholder, Argent, who has supported the company's growth since its inception, welcomed the new partners and was optimistic about this new phase of growth.

Jorge Varela, co-founder and CEO of Agroberries, highlighted: “I am excited about the opportunities that this investment can offer us; it will increase our global reach and increase our geographic exposure and other berry categories.”

Adam Olins, founder and CEO of BerryWorld added: ”Our organizations share values, cultures and a commitment to sustainability, and we are optimistic about the possibilities that the Agroberries investment can bring to our growers and customers, in a constantly changing market environment. evolution".

About Agroberries

Founded in 1996, Agroberries is a vertically integrated company in the production, marketing and distribution of berries, supplying a full-year supply to a blue-chip customer base of retailers throughout the world. With headquarters in Chile, and commercial companies in the United States and the Netherlands, the company has a competitive and high-quality offer of both conventional and organic berries.

Agroberries is a recognized global leader and pioneer in the production and management of berries. The company has world-class agricultural production operations and packaging assets in both hemispheres, and a vast global network of strategic alliances. Agroberries partners, directly involved in business management and committed to consistent service and high product quality, have developed a solid, diversified platform with the highest traceability standards.

About BerryWorld

Founded in 1994, BerryWorld is one of the largest berry distributors in the world, with an extensive and growing global presence. The company is led by a highly recognized team in the industry, focused on meeting the constantly evolving needs of consumers in more than 37 countries, which it serves through its integrated operations structure.

BerryWorld is recognized for its leading global varietal development program, which has spawned multiple award-winning proprietary varieties. This, combined with its extensive and consolidated network of experienced growers, ensures a year-round supply of the four categories of berries to serve a constantly growing demand. BerryWorld has a strong consumer focus, based on a dynamic proprietary data model, which has served as the foundation for leading global supermarkets to continue to develop the category. At the same time, the company has an extensive portfolio of premium products under its own brands. BerryWorld is also active in the prepared fruit segment, supplying a wide variety of customers with top-quality products, evidence of a broad value chain oriented around a unique focus on consumer needs.

Berry World Group

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