Freshuelva warns of the gap between consumption and the price of blueberries in the markets

The Association of Producers and Exporters of Strawberry of Huelva, Freshuelva, has warned that the consumption of blueberries does not correspond to the high price at which they are exposed for sale in large areas, according to the analysis carried out by the Committee of Blueberries of Freshuelva about a campaign that is about to enter the most decisive month.

The Committee of Blueberries has pointed out that this gap also occurs between the high prices of the fruit in the markets and the little that is being paid to the farmer, which barely gives to cover the production costs.

In this regard, the Cranberry Committee has warned that this circumstance may cause farmers to abandon plots since mid-May and the campaign ends before the usual month of June, so it has insisted that now is the time to put a attractive price to the consumer to make it more affordable and this results in a future growth of consumption.

And we are talking about one of the fruits that has a greater number of healthy qualities, since the blueberry has a high antioxidant content which, among other benefits, fight premature aging neutralizing free radicals, fight inflammations, are good for the heart, eyesight, memory and weight loss diets.

Freshuelva has been working for years in the implementation of campaigns aimed at increasing the consumption of this fruit with numerous healthy qualities, still little in demand in a national market that has many potentials. In the same way, the Huelva association awaits the response of the Ministry of Agriculture to the request to initiate the procedures to be able to complete the agreement to market the blueberry with a market as numerous and important as the Chinese.