With great attendance support, the meeting of the international blueberry industry is held in Lima

“As part of our vision to continue opening opportunities, we will take the World Blueberry Tour to China, organizing the first International Blueberry Seminar in the Asian giant”

The great expectation, the solid program, and the interest of the industry in participating, has been noted in the XXIX International Blueberry Seminar which is done in the Lima Convention Center (LCC) this And March 20 21.

With the halls full and the LCC facilities covered with stands representing the most diverse companies and services linked to blueberry cultivation and the agro-export industry, the blueberry industry meeting takes place.

According to the data from the meeting, more than 85% of Peruvian producers is present at the Seminar and the attendees come from almost twenty American, European, African and Asian countries.

More knowledge and research

At the opening, Jorge Esquivel, director of Blueberries Consulting, highlighted that the current climate crisis that affected the blueberry industry in Peru forces us to continue creating knowledge and research regarding the crop, so this crisis can be an opportunity for development of the industry.

“The climate imposed a challenge that was difficult to overcome and prevent with the tools and capabilities we have at the moment; this places the industry at a global level in a before and after,” he declared.

Alliances and collaboration

In the same perspective of preparation to face future challenges, Jorge Esquivel He explained that “to strengthen our capabilities and put them at the service of the industry, we have made various strategic alliances with institutions and companies. We are proud to have collaboration agreements for continuing training, postgraduate studies and research with various entities”, listing the University of Almería, in Spain, which collaborates in the design of content and organization of continuing training and postgraduate degrees. Also with the Liaoning Institute of Pomology of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences (LAAS), China, they maintain coordination of visits and technical tours, research and academic exchange, germplasm exchange, among others.

Continuing with the story of his alliances, the director of Blueberries Consulting highlighted the Agricultural Research Institute – INIA, of Chile, with whom they develop and support research of interest to the blueberry and other fruit industry, seeking sustainable solutions for the industry. The same with the University of Florida – IFAS, United States, collaborating and financing research of interest to optimize the production of blueberry cultivation.

“Together with previous alliances and agreements, we can anticipate that we are in the process of formalizing a collaboration agreement with the Dr. Reinaldo Campos, director of the agricultural production department of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of the University of Chile, with whom they will carry out research aimed at solving some of the problems that affect blueberry cultivation.

New technologies

Continuing with his inaugural speech, Jorge Esquivel comments that they have established alliances with international private companies specialized in technology, such as Gremon Systems and others. “These collaborations are focused on reducing production costs, increasing productivity and promoting sustainability in the sector,” explains Esquivel.

“In 2024, our International Blueberry Seminars will continue to benefit producers in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Morocco. In addition, we will be co-organizers of the Blueberry Arena at Macfrut 2024, in Rimini, Italy” announced the executive of the company organizing the Seminar.

First Seminar in China

“And as part of our vision to continue opening opportunities, very soon we will take the World Blueberry Tour to China, organizing the first International Seminar on Blueberries Consulting in this Asian giant” he explained to the attendees.

“We are part of a dynamic, modern and successful industry, which cultivates and provides the world with unmatched and extraordinary fruit, so our responsibility is to be in constant growth and development,” he concluded.

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