The Spanish company Grupo Clasol is committed to the production of berries in Romania

«Romania becomes a strategic origin, since it will cover an interesting window in summer»

The Spanish company Clasol Group has partnered with the firm FG3S in an ambitious five-year investment plan to develop berry production in Romania. The plan contemplates the modernization and development of the farms, as well as the implementation of technological and efficiency measures in the processing plant.

The company believes that Romania offers great opportunities, especially for blueberries, given the growth in production and several other factors, including the production schedule.

“Production in Romania starts in the second half of June, which is when the Spanish campaign ends, and lasts until the beginning of September, when Peruvian volumes begin to reach their peak,” he states. Cesar Claramonte, CEO Clasol Group.

"Romania thus becomes a strategic supplier, since it will cover that interesting window of the summer season and will allow us to guarantee the supply of berries every month," he says.

Cesar Claramonte CEO – Grupo Clasol // EDEM – Executive MBA

«Currently we already sell strawberries, raspberries and blueberries throughout the year. The fruits come from Spain, Portugal and northern Morocco, as well as the southern hemisphere.

Participating in a production project in Romania is the first step to commit to own production. We are already considering some blueberry, strawberry and raspberry production projects in different regions that we consider strategic,” he says. Cesar Claramonte.

The company's two main product groups are citrus fruits and stone fruit, and now, according to its general director, “we aim for berries to become the company's third key sector. We hope to market close to 6 million kilos this campaign,” he says. Cesar Claramonte .

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