Mediterranean Blueberries Conference:

The Blueberries Consulting Seminar permanently stays in Morocco

The objective of the Moroccan industry is to exceed 100 thousand tons in 2030, which demonstrates not only its consolidation, but also the will to become a protagonist in the international market.

Casablanca, Agadir and now Tangier, have been the destinations of the international blueberry industry to meet in Morocco, in the context of the International Blueberries Consulting Seminars that have been held annually in recent times. They are regions with different links to the Moroccan industry, due to their proximity to the producing areas or due to their business or commercial importance, or, as in the case of Tangier, which in addition to the above is close to Portugal, Spain and other Mediterranean countries. with which there is a close link with the Moroccan fruit industry in its different areas of development, both productive and commercial.

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Sustained growth

The area planted with blueberries in Moroccan territory is constantly growing in different regions, not only in hectares, but also in the quality of its varieties, which is why it is also growing in yields. On the other hand, production volumes not only grow in quantity, but also in the quality of its fruit, which is recognized and preferred in the world markets where it is present.

The blueberry industry in Morocco, although it is a relatively new activity, remains on the rise in many aspects, both technical and commercial. It is a productive activity that maintains convenient levels of profitability and its products are well received and valued by consumers, which translates into achieving prices above the international average in the market.

Production and export flows in the Moroccan season extend from December to June and in recent seasons their growth has remained stable, exceeding 57.000 tons sent to different markets around the world, mainly those of the European Community.

Objectives 2030

The blueberry area in Morocco has grown by more than 1.000 hectares in the last season, approaching 5.300 hectares currently, although the industry's objective is to reach 6.000 hectares planted with good varieties in 2030. At this rate of growth, that objective will remain back ahead of schedule.

Regarding the production and export objectives of fresh blueberries to world markets, the Moroccan industry's objective is to exceed 100 thousand tons in 2030, which demonstrates not only its consolidation, but also the will to become a protagonist in the market. international.

strategic advantage

In addition to the privileged geographical location that the Moroccan industry has, which gives it a strategic advantage over the competition, since in three or four days it transports its fruit from the farm to the final consumer, it has permanent support. of the public and state apparatus, which translates into development support, financial plans, infrastructure and market opening, among other supports. These advantages are added to the reasonable costs available to producers and to the young but experienced workforce in the country.


As conclusions from previous meetings of the industry, the challenges include achieving a greater presence in the Chinese market and having the same valuation as other fruit destinations. Likewise, it is necessary to control the growth in the cost of inputs (iron, plastics, fertilizers, pesticides...) and achieve a greater balance in the amounts to be paid, reducing the excessive gap between the sales price to the consumer and the payment to the producer.

Among the challenges are also the possibility of developing air transport of goods to the Middle East and Asian countries, the availability of large areas and solving the problems of water availability, especially in the Agadir area.

Mediterranean Meeting

Blueberries Consulting's willingness to remain in Morocco and hold the annual meeting of the international blueberry industry in that country is because Morocco is consolidating itself as an important player in the global industry and its blueberry industry clearly shows a desire for growth by practically doubling its production by 2030 and enter the select group of countries that export over 100 thousand tons of blueberries to the world.

Previous meetings with the Moroccan industry in Casablanca and Agadir have been key to empowering producers and entrepreneurs and deepening their knowledge about the crop and its management. The meeting of September 11 in Tangier, in the version XXXIII of the International Blueberry SeminarIt will also be the opportunity to integrate all the Mediterranean countries and for the main companies related to cultivation to have an active presence supporting a modern industry that is in full growth and that has the firm will to be a protagonist in the global market. .

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