Blueberries Consulting and its new high-value alliance for the development of professional agriculture

Blueberries Consulting and the international company, Gremon Systems, have sealed an alliance to distribute, train and advise blueberry producers in the world with a high-tech tool to optimize the management of crops produced in hydroponic and soil systems.

These new partners combine and complement their technical and commercial capabilities, and as part of their strategy they aim to gain access to new markets and channels, expand their customer base, enter new commercial territories and provide a unique quality service in the market. market.

Complex scenario

Due to global climate change, innovation cycles are accelerating and the implementation of new technologies reinforce and give meaning to this new commercial alliance. The technology for observing and measuring plant activity is a valuable and complementary tool to current agronomic technical assistance, with the aim of timely facing the effects of climate change and water and inflationary deficits of raw materials in the food industry, focusing on achieving improvements in efficiency in the use of water and nutrients, reducing operational and/or productive costs, improving the quality and yield of crops.

Comprehensive system

Gremon Systems is a company with a long history and specialist in irrigation management in intensive high-tech productions, its knowledge comes from the greenhouses of northern Europe. The team for blueberries, Trutina Blueberry Edition, transfers this knowledge acquired for more than 10 years by developing an adaptation designed for the optimization and improvement of irrigation strategies in blueberries. The equipment is capable of offering practically real-time information on processed data values, which greatly facilitates decision making and analysis of irrigation strategies by sector and variety.

Trutina Blueberry Edition, unlike other monitoring systems, is a technological and innovative solution that is designed to optimize the use of soil moisture by the plant and not just to inform about it. This platform reports the volume, temperature and EC of drainage and irrigation water, air temperature, humidity, radiation, humidity and EC of the substrate. But also data processed by own algorithms such as: transpiration rate, energy balance, perspiration efficiency, water supplied/radiation ratio and has sufficient technology and sensitivity in its equipment to evaluate the movement of water in the substrate and not only its content, but how the plant behaves and uses water and when it does it, to what extent and what use it makes of it.

How? – Recording high precision data every 5 seconds.

Knowing the activity of the plant allows you to optimize water management day by day and irrigation by irrigation, allowing you to modify the plant's metabolism towards the desired behavior (vegetative/generative) with great precision, determining factor for high-yield intensive cultivation. With its solid platform, that allows measuring up to 25 factors, we can solve some questions, such as, Is this water content sufficient? Is it excessive, can it be adjusted? At what speed does the plant use that water? Is there any factor that is limiting the absorption of that humidity on the part of the plant?

Raw data is worthless if it cannot be compared with many other factors that must be taken into account when optimizing a crop, minimizing production risks.

Experience, guarantee and advice

Gremon Systems is an applied technology company that has more than 600 pieces of equipment installed in the world and with its technological development it has managed to reduce the reduction in energy use from 5% to 25%; More than 180 billion records received and processed have been analyzed; production has been increased by between 5% and 30%; and the increase in biomass has been achieved by 10% to 30%.

For its part, Blueberries Consulting, in addition to the international prestige it has in its work of extension, training and dissemination of information and knowledge of the cultivation of blueberry and other berries, not only exclusively represents and provides this tool, but also guarantees their training and subsequent advice if this is required by any producer or agricultural company.

Leadership and resources is the commitment subscribed by GREMON SYSTEMS AND BLUEBERRIES CONSULTING.

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