Argentina: for the sixth consecutive year the “Better with blueberries” campaign begins

The Argentine Blueberry Committee - ABC carries out an initiative that has a very clear objective: to promote healthy eating by establishing the consumption of blueberries as a fresh, healthy and easy-to-eat fruit option.

For the sixth consecutive year, the Argentine Blueberry Committee – ABC carries out the Better with Blueberries campaign, an initiative that has a very clear objective: to promote healthy eating by installing blueberries as a fresh, healthy and easy-to-eat fruit option.

How was the Better with Blueberries campaign born?

Since its beginnings in the country, more than 25 years ago, the blueberry sector in Argentina destined 95% of the fresh blueberry production for export. The blueberry is a non-traditional production since it is not a native fruit of our country, but the plantations are born from the need to supply the northern hemisphere against the season during the commercial window from August to December.

In recent years, the world context for blueberry production has changed and new producing countries have been incorporated, complicating Argentina's export scenario. Among the measures taken by the sector in the face of this new reality was to change a large percentage of the production of conventional fruit to organic, today more than 60% of the total, allocate greater volume to industry, frozen blueberries, seek international niche markets that value the conditions of taste, quality and social and sustainable production and strongly develop the domestic market.

To achieve this last objective, the Argentine Blueberry Committee - ABC together with the regional organizations of the NOA, NEA and Buenos Aires (blueberry producing areas), designed the campaign 6 years ago Better With Blueberries with the purpose of accompanying the domestic market and promoting the consumption of the fruit as a healthy and friendly option for the whole family.

"Our objective was always to show all the health attributes that blueberries have and offer Argentines a product of excellence, export quality, so that they repeat their purchase and incorporate the habit of consuming them daily," says Jorge Pazos, producer. and director of the ABC and head of the Internal Market commission.

«From the beginning we thought about the campaign with the firm commitment to promoting healthy eating, especially by forming a new culture of healthy eating in the new generations, that is why among our actions we include programs in schools, for preschool and initial level, and the actions from McA are designed to show options with blueberries for snack time, for example,” he explains.

Figures that motivate

2021 was the fifth consecutive year of this campaign in Argentina. This edition was distinguished by a rise in domestic consumption that exceeds 4,5 million kilos per year (50% fresh and 50% frozen), compared to an estimated 3 million in 2020. This meant more than 50% growth due to the success of the campaign and the great acceptance of the fruit among consumers.

This 2022 the objective is to make healthy consumption even more visible and the key role that Argentine fruits play on the path to healthy eating. It is important that the consumer knows the health benefits of this superfruit and values ​​it for it. That you know when the harvest season is to take advantage of fresh fruit (June to January) and during the rest of the year consume it frozen, which preserves the same nutrients. In this way we seek to create the consumption habit and sustain it throughout the year.

The true value of the blueberry, explained by experts

Blueberries are known worldwide for containing a large amount of bioactives and, therefore, in addition to being rich, they are an ally for health. various scientific studies associate the regular intake of blueberries (100 g per day) with better control of body weight, protection of cognitive functions, prevention of urinary tract infections, strengthening of the immune system, lower risk of cardiovascular and vision disease and type 2 diabetes .

These small deep blue berries provide an extraordinary nutritional contribution to the diet of the whole family, which includes Vitamins (mainly C and those of group B), minerals (especially magnesium), fiber Antioxidants. "Blueberries occupy the first places among plant foods that stand out, both in quantity and quality, for their antioxidants," details the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

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