2017 International Seminars

This invitation begins in Guadalajara and ends in Europe ...

The globalization of markets also implies having global knowledge, both in know-how, research, use of new technologies or specific local innovations.

The importance that the International Seminars organized by Blueberries Consulting and AGQ Labs International It is undeniable, and all actors recognize the contribution they make to the development of the industry and the transfer of knowledge and information on the different aspects of cranberry cultivation.

The previous cycle began in Chile and continued in Guadalajara, Mexico, ending in Lima, Peru. It was a long and productive conversation between the dunks, "that we will resume in the short term", We said then ...

That moment arrived and we resumed this conversation to learn about new research and technologies regarding the production process, share the good commercial expectations offered by the new world reality and update ourselves on the different aspects of cranberry cultivation, in our countries and in those of our competitors. .


El 6 ° International Seminar It will be held 08 June in the Hotel Hyatt Regency Andares of Guadalajara, Mexico.

El 7 ° International Seminar the 13 June in the JW Marriot Hotel in Lima, Peru.

El 8 ° International Seminar we will do it on 28 June in the Hotel Sheraton de Tucumán, Argentina.

Finally, the 9 ° International Seminar will be done in Europe, the November 16th, in the Hotel Barceló Punta Umbria de Huelva, in Spain.

In addition to these four Seminars, we have other activities that we want to share with you, among these is the realization of new Technical Trade Tours. The first will be to the north and south of Peru, the 14, 15, and 16 in June, where we will visit nurseries and agricultural fields of Trujillo, Ica and Cañete, on the occasion of the 7 ° International Seminar of Lima.

We mainly call on blueberry producers, and all industry players, to share experiences and knowledge with local players, from different geographical and climatic regions. It is an exercise that adds to the development of the own and global industry, because the globalization of the markets also implies having global knowledge, both in know-how, research, use of new technologies or specific local innovations.

The invitation is in process, and it starts in Mexico, because the 2016 went to that country for the first time and the meeting was a real success, with a great reception from the local producers, and because the new scenarios indicate that we must return to combine knowledge and development strategies.

On that occasion we said: "In Guadalajara a very good conversation began, which will probably last for a long time... ", and so it will be, everyone is invited.

Source: Blueberriesconsulting.com - Blueberrieschile.cl

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