Revolutionizing hydroponic berry irrigation – the 3-in-1 solution

In the ever-evolving landscape of berry farming, innovation takes center stage as growers strive for higher yields, optimal plant health and environmentally friendly practices. In this dynamic context, ecotube Germany GmbH has introduced an innovative solution that optimizes the way blueberries are watered today. He ecotube circle is a pioneering underground irrigation system designed to increase productivity and minimize environmental impact.

It is now possible to improve homogeneous root development of the plant within the substrate and accelerate its growth with less water and fertilizers through subsurface irrigation. Less material exposed to the sun and animals means better long-term performance and reduced operating costs.

Irrigation and fertilization

Irrigation and fertilization play a critical role in the success of substrate berry growing operations. To further improve the way they are administered to plants, the circular ecotube has been developed. It is a completely redesigned microporous tube with an inner/outer diameter of 7/11 mm, flexible and extremely robust at the same time. The diameter of the circle is 29 cm, and can be easily reduced according to the customer's individual needs. It is installed within the substrate around the root zone and connected to the main line pressure compensated dripper with a microtube. The microtube can be on the outside or placed directly inside the pot to exit through the bottom, reducing damage caused by animals. Homogeneous release of water and fertilizer around the root zone is possible without vaporization or loss of valuable resources. Additionally, lime is not a problem as it leaves the ecotube circle without crystallizing due to subsurface installation.

The system is already being used successfully in several countries, such as Spain, Italy and Serbia, and more projects are in the pipeline.


A unique feature of ecotube circle is the possibility of aerating the roots within the substrate using a compressor. This dynamic soil aeration supports root health and vitality, improving berry growth and raising yields to new levels. Additionally, the entire system will be emptied of water, which deters animal bites as well as the ingrowth of organic matter in the supply pipes.

At the heart of the creation of ecotube Germany GmbH has a strong commitment to the environment. Made from recycled tires, the ecotube circle embodies sustainability. To underline its integrity, the ecotube circle has a seven-year warranty, a testament to its long-lasting performance and quality craftsmanship Made in Germany.

For more information and inquiries, please contact:

Sebastian Ebers

Director of Business Development
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