Poland: there will be fewer imported blueberries and higher prices

The local blueberry season in Poland is coming to an end, EastFruit project analysts report, citing the fresh produce market's website. At the same time, there are clearly fewer local berries than in the same period last year. This can be seen in the prices of this segment, which are now much higher than a year ago. Thus, today local blueberries are sold at 48-62 zlotys/kg ($11,49-14,84/kg), which is, on average, 83% more expensive than at the end of last year's season.

The reason for such a significant price difference is not only a decrease in the supply of blueberries from local farms, but also much lower volumes of imports of this berry from South America, which led to higher sales prices in this segment.

Currently, prices for Peruvian blueberries on the Polish market range between 68,00 and 74,00 zlotys/kg ($16,27-17,71/kg), which is, on average, twice as expensive as beginning of November last year.

Furthermore, information from around the world shows that the supply crisis in this segment of the fruit market will be long-term, even permanent. This is the result of a huge drop in blueberry production in the country that is the world's main exporter of these berries, that is, Peru. The reduction in the harvest this season is estimated at at least 30%. This means a huge gap in global supply. Of course, there is also Chile, which will undoubtedly benefit from its competitor's problems, but, firstly, Chilean blueberries will not fill such a big gap, and secondly, the season in Chile starts a little later.

In addition, problems arose in the western Mediterranean, where severe storms occurred in the last ten days of October. They seriously damaged blueberry plantations in southern Spain. Therefore, in the second half of the import season, the availability of blueberries, this time Spanish, will also be below normal. In Morocco, on the other side of the Mediterranean, the growing season is faster and losses due to unfavorable weather were not as important, but damage to blueberry plantations is also reported there, which means that there is a significant decrease in the supply of imported blueberries to the country. Polish market and much higher prices.

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