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When we invited you to the Lima Seminar, it was to travel to the heart of a young industry that has grown at an extraordinary speed, which has exponentially increased its planted area and production volumes, and which has shown great creativity and drive, opening up opportunities. commercials for all Latin American producers… and we are not mistaken, this was demonstrated on June 13 at the JW Marriott.

The passage through Lima, on the occasion of the 7 ° International Seminar "Peru and the cranberry industry: Defining strategies for access to new markets", was a good opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with the actors of this successful industry, which has arrived with quality fruit to new markets of destination, thus enhancing the consumption of blueberries globally.

It was a day in which the presentations of the various rapporteurs, experts and researchers, were very relevant and of great quality, such as the INIA researcher, Juan Hirzel, regarding nutritional management and its relationship with the quality of the fruit, which "It is one of the most important factors in the crop, so the fertilization program to be used season by season must be specific in each orchard" Also outstanding was the presentation of the phytopathologist Walter Apaza, who developed a very interesting talk about cranberry diseases under local conditions and their management.

Another interesting presentation was that of the international consultant Luis Luchsinger, who spoke about the cold chain, conservation and transport of the fruit, ensuring that "tAll the agents participating in the cold chain should understand that refrigeration is only part of the whole chain, very different from managing cold and its interaction with packaging or packaging and its interaction with the product to be cooled or maintained, what training in these matters is fundamental".

The level of all the presentations was high, with experts recognized and validated by the industry, such as Professor Retamales, market analyst Colin Fain, or Federico Beltrán, who made an extensive analysis of Peruvian industry and its great development prospects. An industry that is aware of its competitive advantages. That has the ability to fill all the windows of international demand in the near future. Who has been in constant search of new markets, opening new routes for Latin American fruit.

An industry that has grown rapidly and that, if this pace continues, in the future it could lead production in the region. With this objective he is making great efforts, not only by planting more hectares, but also by incorporating more productive varieties, which will allow him, in addition to higher production volumes, a better quality and condition of the fruit to face the long distances of the new destination markets . Peru grows and becomes professional.

It was a great meeting of which we are very satisfied and grateful, not only of the hundreds of attendees who actively participated in each of the topics and moments of the day, we also want to highlight and thank the more than 70 Peruvian and foreign companies that supported the initiative, sponsoring, sponsoring or supporting this international meeting of the crop, which will continue its trip the June 28 in Tucumán, Argentina, to continue strengthening the ties of the Latin American blueberry industry.

Thank you very much to all…!

Source: Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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