Many actors guarantee the availability of blueberries in the US.

Blueberry cultivation is widespread throughout the United States, with commercial production present in 26 states. Most of this production, more than 98%, is concentrated in ten states: Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Michigan, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, Texas and Minnesota. In Canada, British Columbia emerges as the leading region in blueberry production.

The global market sees a significant contribution from imports, which make up around 70% of the annual blueberry supply in the US. Peru leads as the top exporter, followed by Chile, Mexico and Argentina. These countries play a critical role in ensuring the availability of fresh blueberries in the US market, especially during the winter months.

The Port of Philadelphia plays a fundamental role, handling 37% of the imported volume, and Mexico contributes another 30%. The national production cycle shows a seasonal rhythm: Georgia begins the harvest in April and May.

California, which accounts for 6% of national production, and the Pacific Northwest, with a 7% share, follow suit. In particular, Hammonton, New Jersey, celebrates its peak season in June and shipped 15,3 million pounds of blueberries last year.

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