Mexico: Everything ready! Enjoy the 2024 Berry Festival in Zacatlán, Puebla

The money raised will be donated to the municipalities of Zacatlán and Chignahuapan with the purpose of building ramps for people with disabilities.

For the fourth consecutive year, the “Berries Fest” festival will be held at the La Concordia farm, located in the Pueblo Mágico of Zacatlán, where the visit of more than 4 thousand tourists is expected, as stated by the General Director of the place, Federico Nunez.

Throughout nine weeks, that is, from June 15 to August 17, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday visitors will be able to harvest their own fruit, ride horses, participate in three and five kilometer races, participate in the golf tournament, jam and wine workshop, blind tasting, among other activities.

Regarding the races, Núñez reported that they will be held on Saturday, July 21, and that there will be two modalities, 3 and 5 kilometers.

He also explained that although they will cost 450 pesos, the money raised will be donated to the municipalities of Zacatlán and Chignahuapan with the purpose of building ramps for people with disabilities.

The capacity for both races will be 200 people and within the kit that will be given to each one there will be a t-shirt and a hydration glass.

Ñúñez also indicated that the project space was planned so that both elderly people and those who suffer from disabilities can have a pleasant time in each area of ​​the farm, so their entrance and activities will have a 35% discount. %, costing $80 to enter for the general public.

Thus, Juan Ramón Álvarez Cuspinera, who is General Director of Tourism Promotion of the Puebla Tourism Secretariat, highlighted that “from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon there will be many producers offering Berries, as well as the emblematic apple and its derivatives. ”.

In addition to this, he explained that there will be the presence of traditional artisans and chefs, and that an influx of 2000 people is expected for this Saturday, which will be the inauguration.

And if that were not enough, Leonardo Ortiz, President of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies Puebla Branch, informed the entire community that a future promotion of “all paid” travel packages will be carried out, which will include everything from transportation, lodging, such as the activities that the festival promotes and all for an affordable price.

It is important to note that each activity has an extra cost apart from the entrance, however, you can have access to the festival and any attraction by purchasing the special bracelet, which will have a price of $1180.

In case anyone is interested in booking accommodation or clarifying any questions about the “Berries Club”, the owner of the property provided the social networks of “Berries Club” and “@Berriesclub.

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