Higinio Cardona, from Agrícola MC:

“Buyers are very happy that the Spanish blueberry campaign has already started”

Little by little the volumes of spanish blueberries of this new season to the market. “The quality and caliber of the fruits are very good after a flowering that has been good, and we hope that the production will be very positive this year,” he explains. Higinio Cardona, from Agrícola MC.

“We started a few days ago in line with last year; We can even be up to a week earlier because the days of good weather have been very noticeable in the ripening of the fruit, but we must keep in mind that we are in February and cold waves can still come and stop production," remember. "What is important is that buyers are very happy with the fruit and with the fact that the Spanish campaign has already started."

“As for prices, for now they are high, but there is no need to claim victory; Now there is a deficit of blueberries in the market, and it is not known what will happen throughout the campaign, although everyone says that it could be quite good in results due to the decrease in blueberries that there is in general, not only here in Spain due to the water, but also in Peru due to the phenomenon of El Niño. The sensations, the truth is, are very positive.”

The forecasts thus point to a new campaign with good results. It is worth remembering that in the 2022/23 campaign, despite the fact that production had a decline of 16%, according to data provided by the Junta de Andalucía, the turnover of the blueberry sector reached a new record after growing 2% compared to the previous season thanks to a significant increase in fruit prices.

“Last year ended well in prices,” confirms Higinio, “but it is true that this year production costs – from fertilizers to labor – have risen and we will have to pass this increase on to the fruit.”

National strike of farmers and transporters

On February 1, the Huelva red fruit sector participated together in a large demonstration that took place in Seville, where the Andalusian administrations were asked to implement the necessary infrastructure in Huelva for the sustainability of one of the most important drivers. economic of the province.

“Of course, I participated in the demonstration, and I will do so in the strike that has been called at the national level to which transportation has also joined. French farmers have managed to make themselves heard by paralyzing the country, and we are not going to stand still. Something has to be done for agriculture, and it is time to do it.”

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