“Blueberries are the next big thing after cherries in the Chinese market”

Bilberry is a beautiful and nutritious fruit that effectively helps eyesight. Therefore, the market pays more and more attention to it. Huang Zegui, spokesperson for Guangzhou Wanxin International Trade Co., Ltd., tells us about the evolution of the Chinese blueberry market.

“Most of the blueberries currently available on the Chinese market come from Peru, Chile and some Chinese production areas. Peruvian blueberries enter the market in October and the offer lasts until February of the following year. Chilean blueberries enter the market in November and leave in March. And then blueberries arrive from the domestic production areas of Yunnan, Liaoning and Guizhou," says Huang. “The movement of blueberries implies large volumes, and the prices are reasonable. In recent years, consumers have become much more aware of blueberries, and also understand their benefits for eye health. I think they will be the next big hit after cherries."

Huang continues: “Blueberries are quite sensitive to weather conditions and easily deteriorate if the temperature is too high during transportation or storage. Under these conditions, they quickly lose their bloom or produce water vapor. However, imported blueberries enter the Chinese market during the winter season, which means they are not easily exposed to high temperatures." Blossom is the white, powder-like substance that forms on the skin of blueberries. It is produced by the blueberry itself to protect itself. Normally, a thicker layer of bloom offers better protection.”

When asked about the quality of the product, Huang explains, “The quality of the product and the price of blueberries are quite stable at present. Take the peak sales period around Chinese New Year [February 1, 2022] as an example. Blueberries sell well before the holidays, but after the holidays conditions are not as good, regardless of the price or quality of the produce. The quality of Peruvian blueberries has continuously improved in recent years. On the other hand, the quality of the Chilean ones has remained quite stable, but lately it seems to have gone down, while the quality of the Peruvian blueberries improves every year. Chilean blueberries used to reduce sales figures for Peruvians as soon as they entered the market. It's not like that. The Peruvian blueberry is the development project of our company because the quality of the product continues to improve."

“There are several prices for blueberries, mainly depending on the quality of the product. At the beginning of the season, the price of imported blueberries is around 60-80 yuan [9,44-12,59 USD] for medium-quality blueberries, while the price for high-quality blueberries is around 90-100 yuan [14,16-15,73 USD]. Domestic blueberries have just entered the market, but it is still early for the domestic production season, so the volume is quite small. Therefore, the price of domestic blueberries is somewhat high: 150 yuan [23,60 USD] per 1,5 kg for medium-sized blueberries, 170 yuan [26,75 USD] for large blueberries, and 200 yuan [31,47 .XNUMX USD] for super size blueberries. The price is also based on the quality of the product”, he adds.

Guangzhou Wanxin International Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in the import of fruit and the wholesale of domestic premium fruit. It sells its fruit mainly through wholesale markets, and its assortment includes blueberries, cherries, grapes, apples, and various stone fruits (plums, peaches, etc.).

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