Researcher Lisa DeVetter will be present at the blueberry and cherry event on April 13

The renowned scientist will present on "Mechanical harvesting of blueberries for the fresh market", sharing the results of her multiple investigations on the subject.

Young international scientist and researcher, Lisa DeVetter, Associate Professor in the Department of Horticulture at Washington State University NWREC and Everett, will be one of the speakers at the XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries to be held this April 13 at the Monticello Events Center.

The renowned researcher in the international fruit and vegetable world, is the author of more than 55 scientific articles related to the most current research on the cultivation of blueberries and other fruits, addressing them, studying them and measuring them from different parameters.

His research includes studies on the most appropriate way to apply nutrients and various elements associated with crop productivity and the quality or firmness of the fruit. He has also done various studies on the microbial threat on the fruit; the advantages and challenges of mechanical harvesting for fresh fruit; pollination in various aspects; various studies on leaf tissue and the absorption of different applications, among others.

The foliar…

At the recently concluded Blueberry Seminar in Lima, he addressed the issue of foliar applications to improve the yield and quality of the fruit, a talk from which we detach some of his tips:

"Before fertilizing you have to check the nutrients..."

"You have to take the sample after the harvest and before the pruning..."

"You have to control with correct tissue samples and by variety, because the behavior is different...hopefully in 4-hectare blocks because it may have to do with pathogens"

“Dust particles on the leaves can show up in the test, so you have to rinse them…”

"You have to take the samples early and not save them, because that affects the results"

“We must know the anatomy and physiology of the blueberry to understand these issues. Identify the cuticle and stomata. The cuticle is a transparent layer of the leaves. The stomata are at the bottom of the leaf and are open during cycles.

Application times…

The researcher explains that since the nutrients must pass through the cuticle (by pores) and be deposited in the stomata, precautions must be taken, since the blueberry leaf can be a barrier to foliar application, as it thickens as As time passes or the fruit ripens, and the cuticle thickens in the fruit, then it is necessary to apply “before the fruit turns blue”.

“The shadow reduces the thickness of the cuticle, so there are more chances of good absorption”

“Nutrients must be applied after flowering”

“Blueberry stomata are open and available when the fruit is green”

"When the color of the blueberry changes, the stomata are covered with wax so that the nutrients will not be absorbed"

Mechanical harvest for fresh fruit in Chile

At the next International Blueberries & Cherries Seminar of the April 13 in Monticello, the renowned scientist will present on “Mechanical harvest of blueberries for the fresh market”, sharing the results of his multiple investigations on the subject, some summarized in his article: "Microbial load of fresh blueberries harvested by different methods", which he carried out because more and more producers are currently making the transition to the use of machines on the row of blueberries, in the perspective of harvesting fresh blueberries for the market in a mechanized way.

This last investigation was carried out together with a team of great international specialists, such as Jinru Chen, Peien Wan, Minji Hur, Yixin Cai and the researcher Fumiomi Takeda, who will also be present at the meeting on April 13 in Monticello, presenting on "Strategies to improve harvest efficiency in blueberries”.

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