Massive attendance at International Seminar in Guadalajara

Around 320 people attended the 6 ° International Seminar "Cranberry Industry in Mexico: New Challenges, New Opportunities", held at the 8 in June at the Hyatt Regency Andares Hotel in Guadalajara. It was a massive assistance, mainly from Mexican producers, who even sold out the tickets several days before the event.

Attendees actively participated in each of the topics, where there were presentations on hydroponics; substrates; protected crops; pruning; pests and diseases and new and better varieties. The experts touched on issues of fertility and nutrition, new markets and marketing, but above all there was talk of collaboration, of sharing experiences, of developing professionally and of continuing to strengthen the links to grow the industry in an increasingly universal perspective .

The hundreds of attendees were very satisfied with the contents and the quality of the rapporteurs, Rodrigo Romero Gutiérrez, program technician in the area of ​​breeding in Fallcreek, commented that "what most caught my attention were the issues of diseases, of fertigation, substrate, cranberry challenge in hydroponics and new varieties ". Regarding the rapporteurs, the Mexican technician considered that the presentations of Iván Frutos, of AGQ Labs, with the theme: "Management of fertigation in hydroponics: relationships for a correct nutrition", and that of Douglas Rodríguez, of Driscoll's, with The theme: "Major pests and diseases of importance in Mexico and control measures", were the presentations that were most important to him, reiterating that they were all of great importance.

This is the second time that a blueberry seminar has been held in Guadalajara organized by Blueberries Consulting in conjunction with AGQ Labs & Techonological Services, and the fraternal climate of conversation and mutual learning is maintained on the most diverse topics regarding the cultivation of blueberries, establishing strong ties that become a great encouragement to address the new commercial and political scenarios that Mexico will have to face in the immediate future.

The 13 in Lima, next destination ...

The Guadalajara Seminar has come to an end, with a great evaluation of all attendees, the next destination is the June 13 in Lima, on the occasion of the 7 International Seminar that will be held at the JW Marriott, under the call: " Peru and the cranberry industry: Defining strategies for access to new markets ". Because we come from different countries and we are part of different arandaneras industries, but we are part of a single crop that extends throughout the world. Because cranberry cultivation is already a network, and we are all part of an industry that has global characteristics.

That is why we seek the best rapporteurs and experts who share the most relevant knowledge and technologies; the newest and most innovative investigations; and the most up-to-date information to make it available to all the players in the industry, regardless of their origin.

Because the geographies that move us are different, the current maps are different, our coordinates are determined by the orchards, the varieties that are cultivated, the types of management ... we do not care about the country or the region to which the producer belongs, no less we care about the number of hectares that he cultivates. What matters to us is their professionalism, dedication and passion for learning and developing a crop that, due to its healthy characteristics, will never stop being consumed.

Source: Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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