Fall Creek names new CEO

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery has promoted Amelie Aust to CEO of its independent board of directors.

Amelie Aust succeeds her father Dave Brazelton as head of the board of directors

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery has promoted Amelie Aust to CEO of its independent board of directors.

Aust has served as executive vice president of the board since 2020. She previously served as co-CEO of the family-owned blueberry growing and nursery business, along with her brother Cort.

Aust succeeds his father, Fall Creek co-founder Dave Brazelton, as chair of the board.

“I attribute our ability for easy succession to my father's mentorship: his ability to teach, listen, and make room to try new things gave me the freedom to have a hand in board leadership before taking the position myself.” Aust said.

“Our independent board members are key. I always say that shareholders' dreams are bigger than our abilities, and the board helps fill that void so we can reach our true potential.

“Fall Creek now has strong global and regional leadership, with systems in place for high-quality operations, which has allowed the board to rise. We are focused on fiduciary oversight and strategic growth, so Fall Creek can keep up with the speed of change in the industry.”

Dave Brazelton will continue to be active on the board as Chairman Emeritus. He will continue to train Aust and the company's co-CEOs Cort Brazelton and Oscar Verges.

“Our family is completely dedicated to our customers, employees and the global blueberry industry,” said Dave Brazelton. “I am proud of everything we have built together and look forward to remaining engaged with the board and leadership team to ensure a smooth transition and continued success.”

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