Chilean cherry exports almost triple in January 2024: Chinese buy 93%

All the  cherries continue to give good news for Chilean exports: according to the ProChile Non-Copper – Non-Lithium Export Report January 2024, which was carried out with data of the National Customs Service, shipments of this fruit reached US$1.555 million, an increase of 27,5% compared to the same month of the previous year.

This figure is the historical maximum recorded from 2007 to date and is the result of both an increase in exported volume and an improvement in international prices.

It is important to highlight that around 93% of cherry exports registered in January 2024 were destined for the market. Chinese. In figures, These shipments represent US$1.447 million, which means a positive variation of 30,8% compared to the same month in 2023.

As usual, this export period coincides with the chinese new year celebration, a date on which consumers usually purchase this fruit as a gift, as a synonym for good luck due to its red color that symbolizes good luck.

«Since its beginnings, exports of this fruit have shown an impressive evolution: 20 years ago we exported close to US$36 million in cherries and the year 2023 the amounts reached US$ 2.000 million, which implies an increase of more than 5.000%," mentioned Ignacio Fernández, General Director of ProChile.

«Chile has become the main world supplier of this product and these figures reflect the talent, innovation and hard work of Chilean producers and the supply chain associated with the activity. The challenge is always market diversification," he added.

Addition cherries, the products that helped drive the rise in Chilean exports to the world were the salmon and trout (US$ 674 million, +17,9%), Fresh blueberries (US$ 202 million, +24,3%), Iron (US$ 197 million, +46,1%), gold articles (US$ 126 million, +105,1%), Iodine (US$ 119 million, +38,5%), Fresh grapes (US$ 64 million, +103,7%) and Fresh peaches and nectarines (US$ 40 million, +79,3%).

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