In the fields of Jalisco an interesting Tour is being developed

The Technical Tour in Jalisco is in full development. A small evaluation, in the second of the five days of activities and the first day in the field, already allows to assure that the visit to the production fields of blueberries in Jalisco is being very profitable for the participants and also for the Mexican producers that have received to the retinue.

This is because the participants of the Tour have been able to visit, in Ciudad Guzmán, production ranches on land, in a conventional manner, and also under cover. Recall that the area of ​​Jalisco is a leader in this type of management and are pioneers in the use of these technologies. Mexico has a lot of experience in protected agriculture in its different crops.

The tour group will also be able to visit the facilities of Cooler Driscoll's and tomorrow they will continue visiting different ranches in Guadalajara, Tala and Zapopan, knowing about the production in new varieties and handlings, with the use of different technologies in soil and without soil.

In addition to the visits to the different agricultural ranches, visits will be made to the Fallcreek nurseries and to the Public Research Center, CIATEJ, which promotes the country's sustainable development through the generation of avant-garde knowledge and innovative application of science and technology, among other activities.

The program of the Technical Tour is intense and varied, and the Mexican producers who have received the delegation have been very satisfied, because they have been able to share their experiences with important businessmen from Baja California, Querétaro and Sonora, as well as representatives of large companies. Chileans and Peruvians, such as Copefrut and Camposol, respectively.

The intense Technical Tour will culminate with the participation in the XVI International Blueberries Seminar, to be held at the Hotel Intercontinental Presidente, Guadalajara, the 30 and 31 in May.


Once the activity is completed, a detailed and substantive evaluation can be made, with testimonies and opinions from the participants, to share this powerful experience with Latin American producers and entrepreneurs, who for this time have not been able to participate in this technical visit to the fields of production of blueberries in Jalisco.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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