In Guadalajara we will address new opportunities for the berry industry

We will be able to know the latest updated data on the industry in its different factors, both productive yields or volumes, as well as profitability and commercialization of the fruit, addressing in detail the impact of new genetics on these variables.

The Mexican blueberry and berry industry in general has positioned itself as an export power in constant growth, gradually increasing its presence in the international market, due to the qualities of its fruit and its good field practices, so it can now be affirm that Mexico is positioned in the leadership positions of the global market.

International Seminar in Guadalajara

In the XXXI International Blueberry Seminar, which will take place this June 5 and 6 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Guadalajara, the most important aspects of the industry and the main challenges of producers will be addressed.

The meeting program will be developed by 17 Mexican and international specialists, who will present everything from the management of crop pests and diseases, to financing offers to establish new projects, through a detailed analysis of the new genetics or the best strategies to confront climate impact, among other topics of interest.

After the opening of the meeting, the director of Aneberries, Juan José Flores, will make a “Analysis of the 2023/2024 season: results and projections”, where it will share data on volumes, regions and commercial presence in the Mexican berry markets.

Juan Jose Flores Director Aneberries

Subsequently, continuing with the program of the first day, the specialist Ricardo Márquez, commercial manager of Fall Creek México will make a “Update of the blueberry market in Mexico: production, marketing and genetics”, an exhibition in which you can delve into the updated data of the industry in its different factors, surface area, productive yields, as well as profitability and marketing of the fruit, addressing the impact of new genetics on these variables.

Ricardo Márquez commercial manager of Fall Creek Mexico

Conversation panel

This reality and that of the global blueberry industry will be analyzed by important leaders of the Mexican industry in a conversation panel on the ““Perspectives of the blueberry industry at a global level”, which will be held in the context of the XXXI International Blueberries Seminar, an event that will take place in the halls of the Hard Rock Hotel, this June 5 and 6, in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

The seasoned entrepreneur Francisco Xavier Ortiz, president of the Berries Paradise Council; the specialist Rigoberto Guerrero placeholder image, CEO of Hortifrut México; and the president of Aneberries, Miguel Ángel Curiel, will be part of the Panel and it will be the opportunity to analyze with them the process, the current situation and the future perspectives of an industry that maintains constant growth and modernizes in all its areas, renewing the genetic material, introducing greater technology, developing more research, advancing in safety and quality, raising the value of its human resources and consolidating an activity that has already taken over Mexico's agri-food offer to the world.

from left to right: Francisco Javier Ortiz / Miguel Ángel Curiel / Rigoberto Guerrero

Challenges and program

This growth and greater dynamization of the Mexican industry will bring important challenges, such as renewing plant material with new varieties, continuing with the introduction of new management systems, improving the use of irrigation technology, more efficiency in nutrition and redoubling efforts. in the fight against pests and diseases.

In the commercial sphere, in addition to the reality of the market, financing alternatives and fund options will be presented to strengthen productive projects in operation or to support the implementation of new berry production projects.

All these factors are considered in the extensive program of the XXXI Guadalajara International Blueberry Seminar, which includes two days with experienced specialists, on June 5 and 6, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Guadalajara.

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